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MityVac in Canada

MityVac in Canada

Hey fellas.

I’ve been reading up on pumping and wanna give it a try in addition to my regular routine of manual stretching and jelquing. I looked into buying a kit, but looking at how price-y they’re, I desided I wanna build my own pump. Since we dont have Autozone stores up here in Canada, I’ve checked out local stores with automotive sections (CanadianTire, Wallmart, etc) but couldn’t find anything like the MityVac pump.

Does anybody know of a store (in Canada) that carries these pumps? Any canadian online stores that carry this product?

PS. I found a couple of US-based e-stores but it would cost me a minimum of US25 for s/h only.

Hey db,

Canadian Tire does have one, I’m positive, but it’s about $80. That’s the only place in Canada where I could find one. You could ask one of the Auto Parts stores to order one for you.

Hi guys, I’m also new to this forum, I started PE about a month ago with moderate gains, but would also like to incorporate pumping into the routine. Has anybody checked out the electric pumps, I know Canadian Tire carries these for about $69.00. But for the do it yourselfers, what are you making the tube out of? and how are you attaching fittings? Just curious as I may make one as well, or are you better off to buy a good tube, but I think the electric pump may work, anybody want to comment?


My goal is 8x6

currently at 6.25x5.5

Hey gram,

Lots of people use the gravel cleaners you can buy at Pet’s Mart. They are for cleaning out fish tanks or something, but work perfectly for PE. They come up to about 2” in diameter and also come with a hose already attached.

I got one of these which was too small for me, so, what I did was go to a plastics store and buy a clear plastic tube from them for about $5. Then I got them to cap one end and attach a piece that you can stick a hose onto. It works perfectly.

Good luck


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