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Minimum pressure to make gains

Minimum pressure to make gains

I am curious what the lowest pressures used were that a guy can still make decent gains.I know lots of vets have pumped low hg,and high hg,and settled on a mid to low hg , but has anyone out there stuck to the low end 3-4 hg and made gains.or is it necessary to crank it to the 4,5,6 range to get the pumped stretch?I am not a newbie to pumping , having pumped for about 4 months off and on (ok well maybe I am relatively new) out of the lat year or so. I have typically gone right out of the chute with a couple of days at 3,then a few days at 4 ,a couple at five and settled in on 5-6 as my pumping range.I’m thinking about going a different route this time staying low,maybe a month at no higher than 3 - 3.5 ,another month no higher that 4.5 and so on.kind of like the hanging principle of no more weight than necessary to make gains,well no more pressure than necessary to make gains.
Another question is how fast do you pump up, one full squeeze of my mityvac takes me up about one hg, do you move up this fast or do you gently budge it up in hg to your desired level ( I’ve opted for the gentle bumps about 1/4 hg each bump)

So has anybody gone this route?

I’m going with :
12 min 2 hg
Jelq 1 -2 min
12 min 2.5 - 3 hg
12 min 3 hg
Doing this pretty much everyday

Starting stats are 7.25bpel x 5.2 eg

I go in the tube erect usually. If not, I just pump gently up, sort of mimicking the time it takes a normal, but rapid, erection to happen - I have this idea in my head that it’s not a good idea to stress your penile arteries.

Any pressure that keeps you firmly hard will do. If you look firm and erect in the tube, you are.



I also go into the tube as hard as possible, but no matter how hard I go in I just flop out at the sets end with a floppy fat dick, I assumed this was normal and if not I really don’t know a better way to remain erect in the tube so it will have to do.

I guess my thinking on the lower hg is to get all of the expansion I can possibly get at an hg before moving up to a higher hg , I have read many times that newbies shouldn’t expect immediate visible results so I am trying to trust that the 3hg is doing it’s job and in time I will see the added girth, I have given into temptation to pump it up in the past and know that I can pack a 2 inch tube with enough time and pressure,so with that in mind I’m taking it nice and slow this go round in hopes that I will solidly and permanently fill my 1 3/4 in the near future pumping sensibly and methodically.

I am trying the low pressure method now and am loving it. I will stay in the 3” hg range for 45-60 minutes and get a fantastic pump. Low pressures for long times seems to hold a lot of promise.

I have been on the pump for 5 years, it is a slow process to increase your penis in length and girth. I build my own tubes and have used an Actron II the entire time. At first I used high Hg but really 5 to 7 I find is good for 10 to 15 minutes and the stretch and pull for 10 min. And then back on the pump. I do three session of this three to four times a week. When I look back at the time I have put in I should be sporting a nice 10” plus but I started at a little over 6” and now I am an honest 8 and very thick. It’s relaxing and it feels good. Be careful of high pressure you’ll develop blood spots around the shaft and they take forever to go away. Good pumping and a reply would be appreciated.

What’s your girth?

Roamin, why do you say you should be sporting a 10”? Did you learn something in your latter experience that would have changed your results/progress??

I personally have gained pretty good. I pump a 10 hg for 2 mins then go to 5hg for 5mins then back to 10hg for 2 mins I just repeat the process over and over. I personally get better stretch from higher hg. I have had my pump for about 5 years. Just recently started a pumping routine every day. I also kengel 50% of the time in the pump to stretch my ligs some.

8-13-05 6.25 inch bpel (not really bone pressed too much fat for that, just what I can measure) 6 5/8th in pump 5.25 inch eg 8-14-05 6 7/8 inch in pump at same 8-10 hg. 8-19-05 7 inches even in the pump. Going for 8x6 but will be happy with 7x6.

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