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MegaVac by Dr. Kaplan

MegaVac by Dr. Kaplan

Hey, has anyone tried this thing? I was wondering if it was any good. I’m not so much so looking at the price, but the quality, noise level, etc compared to other electric pumps. Help me out :D

Goodhead,I have the premium megavac system in which I purchased in 1998.I can tell you that the Gast vacum pump is very heavy duty,oil-less and basically maintenace free.It also has an automatic safety shut down of the pump if overheated,in which I have done in the past probably 3 times trying to keep it quiet when I first started pumping.It is the only pump I have owned so I have no way of comparing noise levels of other pumps,but it does make some noise.My wife knows of mine now so I can let it run.I have for sometime wanted to build a insulated box with venting to help keep the noise down.All the other goodies that came with the package are all very good quality too and I have had no problems with any of them either. Back when I bought the system Kaplan’s customer service was very good and shipping was prompt as promised.

I agree that Kaplan’s pumps are the best on the market. However I feel the electric pumps are a bit of a luxury. A good hand pump can be just as effective if used properly, and is practically noiseless. My advice is get the Kaplan basic hand pump, about $90.00 and put you money int a couple of good quality cylinders, one tube that is just about 1/8 to 1/4” bigger than you fattest girth and a scrotum and penis cylinder sized accordingly. Kaplan is very good about seeing you get the right fit. I’ve even returned a used tube before for a bigger one, no questions asked. I also hear the Mityvac brake bleeding pump works very well dry or with water, for about $30.00 But if money is no object, by all means go with the electric hummer. You can always drown out the noise with a loud vibrator.

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Yeah I’m far from rich, I just got a chance to get it cheap w/ 2 cylinders not much more than if i got the hand pump setup, well $50 more. and was wondering if I should …..

And I figure I leave it in the garage, no one would notice it there…hopefully.

Big G- your everywere :D

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