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Maybe the HARDEST erection ever!

Maybe the HARDEST erection ever!

From what I remember from readings in this forum it takes a couple of months (I think 3 months has been mentioned) to really start seeing the effects of pumping. Well let me tell you, I am closing in on 3 months of pumping. As my dick has become more accustomed to pumping I have gradually increased my time in the tube. Over the long weekend I was able to get in about four 12 minute sessions during the day with power jelqing in between. At night, when everyone was asleep, I spent upwards of two hours three nights in a roll doing who knows how many 12 minutes sessions in combination with jelqing and wrapping the tube with a heating pad.

Believe it or not, somewhere in between all this work I found time to pound Mrs. 5379. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that I am stretching Mrs. 5379 like never before. And the moans and sounds … they continue even after she’s cummed out. Dang, I can hear those sounds now!

I took yesterday off. Everything looked good last night. I was doing some light massaging and became erect. Let me tell you, I do not remember ever becoming so hard! I mean I was as hard as steel! I absolutely could not believe the strength of this erection. Jelqing really brought about a change in erection quality, but pumping has absolutely sent me over the top. It was all I could do to keep from waking up Mrs. 5 and letting her feel the steel!

I am absolutely sold! I have retired the 1.75 tube and only use the 2 inch tube. I have to constantly pump to keep the pressure up, but it is paying off big time.

I’m dang excited! :)


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I’m about a month and a half into pumping and am thinking of making it a religion. Today, I jelqed and pumped early to surprise the wife. She was elated, I “tested” a girth of 6.25” at the base, 6” midshaft, which I never thought possible. Needless to say she approved.:cool: I know these are temporary, but after 2 days rest I still can see 5.5”, a definitive improvement over my initial 5.3”. :)

Congratulations, :up:

Cool shit bruva!

I can’t wait to take up the pump, along with other exercises. Motivating!

Hog - if you manage to set up a church of pumpology, I will surely attend, front row, low pressure. :)

You don’t have to pump frequently to maintain pressure unless you have a bad seal. Try using lots of a thick lube at your base to create an airtight seal, and shave/trim the hair at the base of your shaft if you haven’t done so already.

Originally Posted by marty5379

I am absolutely sold! I have retired the 1.75 tube and only use the 2 inch tube. I have to constantly pump to keep the pressure up, but it is paying off big time.

I’m dang excited! :)

I love a success story! Glad to see so many of you are discovering the benefits of responsible pumping. It’s been 3.5 years and still counting for me.


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