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Marks on Glans

Marks on Glans

I have been noticing marks on my Glans after my pumping sets (3 x 8 mins and 4-6.5 Hg).

I think it is because I have an upward curve and the front of the Glans are squashed up against the tube so that when I come out of the tube it looks like I have a couple of mild bruises. They soon go but I wonder whether it will be harmful for me in the long run?

I pack the tube for the first 2 1/2 inches.
When I turn the tube 90 degrees I can see that there is a large gap at the rear of the Glans.

Anyone else have this problem?

Any suggestions?

I’ve seen that myself… I don’t think it’s anything to worry about…


What kind of marks are you talking about? Like abrasion ones?

If you haven’t lubed your glans enough, you will get like a “brush burn.”



Difficult to describe really, they are like faint bruises. Faint/ blue/black patches under the pinkish Glans.
I think it is because of my upward curve that my Glans are squashed up against the tube, maybe cutting off circulation.

When I come out of the tube my glans feels slightly cool. This only lasts for a few seconds as I massage between sets.

I use baby oil as a lube and re-apply for every set, the marks are not abrasions.

I get that, except it’s just slightly darker than the rest of the glans, not black/blue.

Also, my glans comes out a funny shape because of the extreme packing. A bit of massage gets rid of it quick enough, but it sounds a little more extreme in your case.

I’m certainly not worried by mine, as it will be less of a problem when I can move up to a bigger tube.

I have a sort of scare on the bottom of my head, leading from the opening to the base of my head. I’m guessing it’s my head stretching, cause it was defiantly not there two weeks ago.

I usually see this samething right after I exit the pump but after jelqing and helicopter swings to get blood circulating, it usually fades right away.

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