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Marathon Pump Sessions

Marathon Pump Sessions

Someone who has some experience with pumping probably has more than one size cylinder. I have pumped into a 2 inch, 2 and a quarter, and 2 and a half. I cannot pump into a 2 and a half without using a silicone ring to keep my balls from being sucked in. I pumped for years, with a 2 and a quarter, then found out I could probably use a straight wall 2 inch and fill it differently, so I am back to using a 2 inch.

The longest continuous pump session I have ever had is 7 hours. I started at 10:00 pm and ended at 5:00 am. I pumped while watching movies. At the end of it, I was at maximum size within one minute, after releasing pressure. The whole time that I pumped, I kept the pressure very low. There was no negative physical effects from it.

Is there anyone else out there who has done this? I don’t see any benefit in doing it, and I don’t recommend it. I am posting this, to draw some of the most advanced pumpers here for comment.

I am just getting back into pumping after taking a long break from it.

I’ve never done it, and I’ve been pumping pretty regularly for several years. As pleasurable as pumping is for me, if there’s no benefit as far as penile health or a bigger cock, I can’t see myself doing it.

:_pump: :donatecar

I am interested in hearing what some of the more advanced pumpers have to say about this as well.

I tend to follow the “trauma and sustain” method of PE… having an intense 10-20 minute manual exercise session and then pump at low pressure for long periods of time to help sustain the time that the penis is enlarged.

I haven’t been doing it long enough to report back any significant gains but it seems to be working for me.

My guess would be that after 7 hours of continuous pumping, even at low pressure, some damage would occur on the cellular level in your penis, whether obvious to you or not. I’d also guess that you wouldn’t want in the future to deal with the cumulative results of whatever damage that might be.



My guess would be the same as avocet8’s. I would suspect diminishing returns and escalating risk.

keys, let us know how your return to pumping after time off goes.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

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Avocet8 Has always been one of, if not The Guru of Pumping at Thunders. So I will not refute what he says here. However, here are my feelings on the matter. I don’t think time in the tube is the issue. What makes pumping safe, not to mention a pleasure, is being able to keep yourself stimulated the entire time in the cylinder. I don’t think just pumping up an engorgement and leaving it while you are lost in movies all night is safe. This is definitely harming the cells in your dick.

I also do long marathon pumps. But I do them in front of porn, milk the tube continually, and stay firm inside the tube. Popping it off from time to time to squeeze out old blood and jelq in fresh. Once you get to the point you can no longer get a good erection STOP. So it is more a matter of feeling than minutes, or hours on a clock. But if you pump at an easy comfortable pressure, just enough to keep suction, and milk the tube, you can pump for a long time. However, once the glands feel hard to the touch, or numbness has set in, I think you are not only beating a dead horse as for as diminishing returns, but you are also doing damage. I can pump for hours without reaching this point, but I have to stay focused. Also I’ve built up to this slowly over the years.

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No Nukes

I’ve done marathon/multi-hour pump sessions for fun and just to test some of my own personal limits. I’ve gotten some incredible temporary girth size, but ultimately I don’t think this translates any quicker or better into permanent gains. This kind of marathon pumping is hard on the tissues, and I found that the next day my dick would be fatigued and less likely to get to the max erection that it normally would with more moderate pumping.

I get better growing results from a solid one hour of pumping every other day but at maximum erection in the tube (I use porn watching to keep myself as hard as possible). I like to pump for 5 - 10 minutes at max erection in the tube, release the vacuum to allow for better blood flow and circulation and then pump again for another 5-10 minutes, release and repeat for up to an hour.

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I have to agree with all of our distinguished and highly experienced pumpers that have already replied. I have not done marathon pumping and the longest I have ever pumped for is 1 hour at just 3”hg, but that is long enough to know that after that you reach a point of diminishing returns.

The most effective type of pumping is expansion from blood filling core tissues. This occurs in the first stages of pumping especially when using low pressure.

Once you get into extended time periods, the blood filling reaches it’s max and then lymph fluid filling occurs primarily in the outer skin layers. Now while you can get very impressive girth expansion from this, it is only cosmetic, will not last and does not provide and long term growth benefit. It is much more likely to cause more harm then good, especially when done for extended time.

If you want to go for max core expansion, limit your long pump sessions to 1 hour, keep the pressure low, maintain a hard on and take short breaks to maintain oxygenation to the blood in your cock.

Just as a reminder, when cock tissues turn blue they are oxygen starved and that is counter productive to growth.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

If you want to go for max core expansion, limit your long pump sessions to 1 hour, keep the pressure low, maintain a hard on and take short breaks to maintain oxygenation to the blood in your cock.

Yeah, I think other than staying hard or at least firm for the whole session, the “short breaks” is the key to success. Pop the tube off for a good 3 or 4-minute massage. Not only are you jelqing in fresh blood, it gives you the opportunity to test the glands for numbness. When fully engorged inside the tube you can feel the sides of the shaft slide against the cylinder, but the tip of the glands doesn’t touch the tube, so it is difficult to tell how numb you are getting at the tip. Although the multi hour sessions are enjoyable, I don’t think you gain much going over an hour. Once you have packed the tube, I think you are just playing with yourself.

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No Nukes

It was many years ago, when I was in my 20s that I pumped regularly. I would say that it has been almost 10 years since I was in the tube three times a week. Now that I am older, and have not gotten into a regular routine to get used to the vacuum, I am noticing small injuries to the skin, that I did not have a problem with very often before. I am trying to ease back into it, because I remember the joy of getting results from it. Usually I would pump for at least 45 minutes to an hour. I have a collection of more than 200 magazines. I would keep a stack of them at my side, while watching TV, so that it was a routine and also sexully exciting. The marathon pumping sessions will probably not happen again anytime soon. I am going to need a few weeks, just to get where I can pump again for an hour.

Thanks to all of of you, for your kindness and helpful comments!

I had the same Idea Idea to use long pumping sessions at low pressure as an alternative to chemical PE.

I believe there is some merit In experimenting with this method of keeping the unit In a near-erect state as It heals from a session of hanging, clamping, stretching or whatever. Similar to ADS but with no problems of pain, circulation Issues, loss of tension, numbness and discoloration.

I’ll be trying this out on myself in the next few days, watching out for any water blisters or purple discoloration while in the tube and releasing pressure every 30 minutes or so. My chosen PE which I will perform before using the pump will be a session of bathmate pumping, a couple of sets and stretching.

Just have to watch the pressure dial every couple of minutes as my cylinder very slowly leaks, which will be a pain in the ass. If I start to get a donut I’ll probably stop.

I think that there are different approaches to pumping.

You can pump your cock only, short term, for bigger, harder erections, or you can pump long term, whole package, using hot water and a STJ or, as I do, a Long Johnny tube from Pump Toys .

The later is totally for a novelty effect, and for personal enjoyment, or, if you are twisted like I am, so you can slip your huge package into a pair of tight shorts and go out and mow the lawn when you know the church lady next door is out weeding her petunias !

Priceless !

I agree, MB. Just pumping for novelty can be lots of fun. Goes over big at nudist camps. :eek2:

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No Nukes

Ok, I tried the marathon pumping session at 5hg, after an hour and ten minutes got the donut starting to appear, So stopped pumping. I’ll be trying again at 2hg of pressure, If this fails I’ll close the door on this particular idea for good.

I did get a nice flaccid hang the next couple of days though.

After pumping at 2hg this time, there was no donut after 3 hours but really this is very boring to actually do and I wont be sticking to this method after all. I will however be starting avocet’s pumping routine of 3 sets of 10 minutes at 5hg each, which is alot easier to do and has proven effective for others.

I’ll try this for a month and report back with any gains.

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