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Many Questions

Many Questions


I just assembled my pump using mighty vac. I have never used a pump before & I need some tips & advice.

When I insert my shaft in the tube, it kind of stick or rests on the wall of the tube, & as I pump it stick even more to the walls, is that normal.

How do you actually pump, I stared with 4 ph, so I’m able to go to that limit in a matter of 5 secs. But then gradually the pressure drops & I again pump to that level. Is this the way you are supposed to work with the pump.

I have read posts saying that use some lubricant, but for these trial sessions I havent used any. Which is the best one to use.

If we use a lubricant or if you want to clean the tube how do we do it.

I feel, when I pump that I’m hitting more on the walls & not sure of that will not make it grow as much in size. I bought the 10” X 2” tube, though my penis is not that big or wide, it getting to the walls, could it be due to the curvature that I have?

How long & how many time should I pump.

Thanks a ton guys…..

Hi mine_photo,

Lube will solve these issues. Guys use all kinds of things. I prefer Equate hand lotion.

A bottle brush, dish soap and hot water works great for cleaning.

Check out the Pumping 101 thread stuck at the top of this forum for a suggested beginning routine.

Thanks for the help, I did read but I’m confused about jelq when in the pump, its not well explained could any one explain further please. I know the regular jelq, but how can you possibly jelq when johnny is depp inside the tube.


The jelqing happens outside of the tube after you stop pumping and exit the cylinder.
So, the routine is to pump your dick, exit the tube and jelq, and repeat.


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