Male Coupler - Where In Canada?


I ordered a cylinder from LAPDIST, and purchased a ‘Harbour Freight’ pump from Princess Auto, a Canadian retailer.

However, I need a Quick-Disconnect Male Coupler, and every connection I’ve MacGyver’d will produce pressure, but the pressure gauge quickly drops to 0 (Zero) regardless.

I have searched many days, and can not find an outlet in the Greater Toronto Area for this part.

LAPDIST will sell it to me, however the price will be upwards of $43 USD for this single piece.

McMaster will not ship the part to me (Will not ship outside the USA)

This is the part I am referring to:

I have the female end. I know it is manufactored by CPC/Colder.

Anyone have any luck on a Canadian distributer?



Start (12-01-06): 7.5" PBEL 5.5" EG