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Major expansion, is it harmful or a positive sign?

Major expansion, is it harmful or a positive sign?

Hello all,

I have a quick question for you all. After a steady 13 or 14 months of PE, i have made some positive gains, and figured id try out pumping for awhile because I want to focus on girth gains from here on out. The newbie routine and then your basic PE has gotten my EG from 4.75 when I started to about 5.2 right now. So i ordered myself a pump and gauge and figured i’d give it a go. So here is my question, after about 10-12 minutes of being in the pump at around 3hg or so, i gain about 2-2.25 inches or girth. I measure myself to be right around 7.25-7.5 EG, and was wondering if this much expansion is harmful or a sign of possible gains? The gains are even throughout the shaft and there seems to be no excess fluid build-up or “donut effect”. I always wondered what it would be like to have a larger girth seeing how I started out on the smaller side at 4.75, but when I look down and im holding a 7.25 EG penis in my hand, I must admit it looks kinda freakish! So is this harmful or something I should take as a positive sign? Thanks in advance for any info

I can only answer from a clamping perspective. So I’m not sure, but I keep performing repetitions as long as I don’t get an edema. What’s an edema? It’s where you get fluid buildup between your skin and your corpora cavernosa chamber in your dick. So I keep performing exercises as long as my dick is rock hard; when I start to have some squishiness I stop.

Hope it kind of helps.

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I don’t think it’s harmful as long as you did not achieve it with too much force or too much vacuum for your level of pumping experience.

10 - 12 minutes at around 3 inHg does not sound unreasonable.

So, I would take it as more of a measure of your elasticity, and perhaps some measure of your potential future growth.

And now you have some idea of the appeal of pumping. Just don’t let it tempt you to excess (time or vacuum). Watch your PIs and EQ.

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What size cylinder are you using? You would need a 2.5 inch or larger cylinder to fit 7.5 inch girth but it doesn’t seem possible to get a seal around a 5.2 inch penis to start. It would seem like your testicles would get sucked in first. In fact are you sure it’s not your penis and testicles in the cylinder at 7.5 inch girth? Just kidding. But seriously I would just worry about fluid buildup underneath the skin. Even though the pressure seems low it just seems like enormous expansion and the actual corpus cavernosa are pretty rigid so it would seem hard to get them to stretch so much in a pumping session. I only have a few weeks of pumping under my belt(pun intended) so I can’t speak from too much experience though.

2 inch expansion is a bit crazy in my opinion. How the hell you manage to get that? Maximum I get after a 25 mins session is still less than an inch.

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Did I mention they are flaccid measurments?...Kidding! :p

5.2 to 7.25 seems one hell of an expansion? I pump for about 25 mins at around 5 HG and do not get that kind of expansion. But if your pressure is reasonable and you have no negative side effects I would imagine it is ok. I think I get less than an inch of expansion.

Best of luck Diesel.

The other day, I was in the pump for 1 hour maintaining 4-5 in.Hg the whole time. When I pulled out of the cylinder, my girth had increased just over 1.5” (from 6.25” to 7.85”). I couldn’t believe the expansion. It took nearly a whole day for the inflammation to go down and my penis to return to normal. I was really worried that all the fluid build up was not good, but I wasn’t sure.

I did a calculation of the volume and found that my penis went from 33 in3 (10.25 x 6.25) to 50 in3 (10.25 X 7.85). I’m guessing that the majority (if not all) of the expansion was due to lymphatic fluid build-up. If that is true (and my calculations are correct), that would mean that 17 in3 of lymphatic fluid was present.

I have read a lot of threads taking about fluid build-up (most of the time referring to just the donut-effect and not the entire shaft), but I haven’t seen any info pertaining to such extreme cases. I don’t plan on letting this occur again, but I still wonder…

Is there a point at which excessive build-up like this becomes a serious issue to worry about?


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Guys be careful about pumping to these kind of sizes, you can be sure that most of it will be edema and not true expansion unless you have an exceptionally stretchy tunica.
If it is edema all you’ll be stretching is skin which can be useful if that’s a limiting factor but can also just give you loads of loose skin, which doesn’t look great !

If you browse the Newart forums you’ll see guys who list their girth in the 6” range regularly packing 3” tubes ! that’s about 9 1/2” this can only be fluid build up.

Thanks capernicus1. I’ll research edema. I still don’t know what fluid build-up is safe versus unsafe - where the line is drawn and how that is determined.

6'4", 210

2011/2 - NBPEL:9.7, BPEL:10.2, BPFSL:10.5, MSEG:6.5 [PE start]

2012/2 - NBPEL:10.1, BPEL:10.6, BPFSL:10.7, MSEG:6.75

Its not so much unsafe it’s just not really useful in the long term.

Guys in your opinion is the Bathmate useful or is all of the gains that it seems to promote simply edema?

At the end of the day it’s just a pump like any other, you can use the Bathmate with or without water but you can do the same with a decent traditional pump.

In terms of potential gains that’s more down to learning to use it, much like anything else.

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