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Magnum Pump ?

Magnum Pump ?

Has anyone tried the Magnum pump by Doc Johnson?

I’m looking to save a little $ if possible and it does have a pump with vacuum gauge & air release pin etc. and a cylinder thats around 2” wide x 9” long.

I dont however want to save a few bucks at the expensive of getting less than desirable results etc.

If anyone has tried this one or has any advice/opinion about a better brand please share.

Thanks in advance for any info :)


Sorry, I can’t help you here. My cylinders, etc were purchased from LA Pump and JT’s Stockroom. Anyone else have experience with the Magnum Pump?



Thanks for your response Peforeal, I spent a few hours reading after I first posted and have discovered (I think) the information I was looking for.

It seems my best option is to buy a Silverline (all metal) Mityvac pump locally from the automotive store and then simply order a quality cylinder online.

At least that way I know that I’m getting a top rated and serviceable pump with gauge and a nice cylinder even if I have to pay a little more than I wanted to.

Now if I could only find a nice cylinder for under $70 :)

I only registered very recently and have been (lurking) for a few days, so this is all very new to me, but it seems like there is a wealth of valuable information in these forums for those willing to spend the time reading.

Thanks again,


Good thinking!

LizardMan, I think you are on the right track with your plans to purchase a MityVac from an auto parts store (and also with your observation about the benefits of reading here in the posts and archives). Don’t really know if the Silverline is necessary, but that can be your decision. I have the MityVacII (all plastic), and it is one tough little pump with all the features of the Silverline, only cheaper. Mine takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Oops! No, that’s my watch. Anyway, happy pumping!! :)



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

Extra Fittings ?


Thanks for the encouraging words.

I’ve decided to go with a mityvac & a cylinder from boston pumpworks, but I’m wondering if I’ll need any other parts other than some 1/4” flexi-hose to hook this system up?

If I need to buy any other fittings or parts would someone please send some info my way?



One fitting

LizardMan, you won’t need any flexible tubing. You should get enough to do the job with your MityVac pump. However you will need one male hose adapter to connect to the female fitting on the end of the cylinder. Boston Pumps should have that for about $6-8. You can find them a lot cheaper at a Home Depot or Lowe’s Superstore if you know what to look for. Just get the size information off the pump web site and go shopping (or order it from the place you buy your tube).



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

All Set Now :)


Thanks so much, this may be the best tech support on the web heh.

Seriously though, it’s nice to find a place with so much information and helpful people and yet totally FREE.

It looks like I’m all set to purchase a nice pump setup now.

Kudos to all of you who frequent this forum helping others.

Thanks everyone,


What auto parts stores carry Mity-Vac? I was sure Pep Boys would but they didn’t. What section are the MVs in?


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I found the Mityvac II’s in every AutoZone parts store I checked, but they were all the plastic model @ $25.

They look fairly sturdy though, so I may buy one locally instead of ordering an all metal model online which was around $45.



Tex3, I bought my MityVacII at Auto Zone (LizardMan has done his homework :up: ). It is plastic construction, and maybe some of you will want to splurge for the all metal model. However, I am pretty rough on mine, and it is a tough little pump. I also got an “all brass” (at least that’s how they are advertised on the penis pump sites…lol) Actron pump at Advance Auto Parts. I like the MityVac better.

Tell the sales person that you need a vacuum pump :_pump: for bleeding your brake cylinders. That’s the sort of thing they are sold for in auto parts stores. Hehe. :D



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!


It seems both Auto Zone and Oreilly’s automotive carry the MityVac II.


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