Made my own pump!!!

Hello all. After reading all the great post recently I decided i would try
to make my own pump. It normally takes me way to long to even start
packing my 2x9 so I wanted one a little smaller.

I bought a 1 7/8x8 gravel cleaner from the pet store and flared it using one of
the eyes of my stove top. I then sanded the edges smooth and used black
electric tape for a better seal. The great part is I was even able to use the same
QD off my VacuTec tube to use for this tube.

I used it yesterday and today and though I am not pumped the same girth wise, I
am feeling more pull length wise. And I am packing the base part much faster and about
halfway up to the head.

Thanks to all of our “engineers” making these home made products possible!!!!