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Lubes & Lubricants and Foreskins.

Lubes & Lubricants and Foreskins.

Hi Guys !

I know foreskins are “out”, or should I say “OFF” for most of you American Guys.

I just started to learn pumping, and have been given a lot of help from many of you.

Being English, like most Europeans, I am still intact, as nature intended, but posession of a foreskin whilst very pleasurable (and I would not want to be without mine!) , does seem to present some problems when pumping, which you cut guys don’t have ?

When I fist started pumping just over a week ago (God - was it all that long ago ?) ;-)
I had some troubles getting the vacuum pressure right - yes, I know, trying to use too much for a newbie (thanks for putting me right!), but my old foreskin was catching on the side of the tube well before I had even got half of my cock into the tube ! As it went further in, and my foreskin retracted more and more (until its looks circumcised) the pulling on my foreskin got quite painful, yet I was still not fully rect, and my dick-head still only half-way or so into the tube.

Lubrication was the biggest part of the answer - as far as I’ve got. BUT - which lube is best ?
Avocet8 kindly put me right on the glucerine based type, so I went out and bought some “pure glycerine BP” at the pharmacists (with great difficulty), and this works a treat.

I know from my travels in the U.S. that many of you guys get to use lubes for your normal jerk-off routines, whereas, most of us uncut guys don’t really need to use any usually (though Baby Oil can be a nice jerk variation ! ) Yep! I know, Baby Oil is OUT, because it perishes the seals on the tube, pump, condoms, or whatever. So I’m taking the glycerine on board, but it is very messy ! Also, I notice that the glycering makes my cock tissue go very sot of -swollen, but perhaps that’s not the best way to describe it (can’t just think of better at present). Somewhere, on the net I once saw a very powerful article on lubes, but as I wasn’t too interested at the time, I can’t now recall where I did see it, nor what advice it contained for us.

Does anyone have any views or opinions to offer on: (1) techniques for those of us with foreskins, (2) Glycerine (pure) as a lube, (3) additives to glycerine - e.g. how to make your own, or (4) are the “fancy” lubes advertised, allegedly containing herbs & supplements beneficial, or are they just a big rip-off ?

BTW: I know that IF you can go into the tube already hard, it probably makes no difference whether you have a foreskin or not, but some of us cannot always go in hard, because that’s a big part of our reason for wanting to pump in the first place - right ?

Thanks Guys,
All Best, to All,



Well I did not know that about baby oil. I have been using a combination of baby oil and gel. I will have to rethink the tube of lube I’m using.



Baby Oil

Hi Modemmer !

Sorry, Mod (and Guys) my post got stopped on the edit, so I lost some text. I don’t know how to re-do it, so sorry, if it looks silly or offensive due to my mistakes, it’s not intentional !.

Re Baby Oil:
Don’t know what you mean Mod ? B.Oil is OK for general lube or jerk off jobs (if you need it), but not for condoms or anything made of rubber or latex. That includes the seals (some of us) use on the base of the tube, but also it includes the seals inside some pumps - so be warned ! OK ?

Mod. As to your lube - what do you mean by the “gel” ? We have a product here in England called KY Gel, but it is now somewhat expensive; some guys swear by it because it’s water soluble - (as is the glycerine Avocet8 advises); but I would not have thought it mixes with baby oil, which as far as I know is based upon a mineral oil, but I could be wrong. Anyway, its supposed NOT to be safe with condoms, but for just J/o it’s fine.

Anyways: what do you recommend for pump lube (as opposed to J/o lube) ?

Any more thoughts on the foreskin thing ?



Ohh ok… I don’t have a latex seal on my tube. I follow you now. I will stick with what I use now.


lubes and foreskin drag

Modest; cut your post lengths down some, per our email discussion, and avoid editting problems. No offense, but you do tend to go on a bit. As the red sign to the left of a reply block warns, your time for replies is limited.

I suspect that when you find a good, slick lube you like the foreskin problem will disappear.

There’s a skin moisturizer called Albolene which you can use in the tube; a lot of pumpers swear by it. It has a mineral oil base and contains some beta carotine; tube clean-up is messier than if using some glycerine-based lube, however visibility into the cylinder is much clearer (important for those of us on the watch for red spots and such). You probably shouldn’t use Albolene along with a latex seal (or with condoms) but it’s a terrific sensation for jerking off.



Lubes etcetera

Hi Avocet8

Yes: Your reprimand accepted. I do don’t I. Put it down to the enthusiam of a beginner !

I don’t think the “Albolene” you mention is available in the U.K. Does anybody know ?

I’ll check it out after the weekend. (We have a Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebration - everything has to stop for it, it seems !)


PS: Avocet8 - I started to check out the ED site: very impressive, but I’m finding it a bit heavy going till I get into it ! Thought you might want to know.




Hi !
You been on holiday ? You didn’t respond to my emails. - I hope you got them ?
Or am I in the doghouse ? If so why ?

Have not found a source for the Albolene - I think (like so many good things) this must be an American only product.
Taking your previous good advice, YES I have not got better results, and I’m comfortable with it.
Use mainly either pure glycerine from the pharmacy, or a lube that I think comes from the U.S. seems to be sold as an offshoot of “Durex”; anyway it’s called “Astroglide”, works well, but is very expensive compared with the glycerine, but that’s a bit messy !

Although a newbie, I’m impressed with my results; more for the blood changing routine, not worried about gaining length at this stage, and limit pressure to about 4Hg approx.


No Foreskins !

Hi Guys !

Are there no guys out there with foreskins ?

You don’t know what your’e missing !!!

I think I got the tube problem finally licked ! It’s all to do with the lube; trouble is, it’s so easy to get over stimulated with a foreskin, and I don’t want to cum in the tube !

Take Care all you kind guys !




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