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Low vacuum

Low vacuum

I used to pump back in 2004 but had to stop due to an injury from hanging.
Back then I used to pump 3 x 10 minutes sets at 6.5hg.
I did used to get red spots and one big vein started to get enlarged after the pump session and would take a while before going back to normal.
My girth went from 5.25 to 5.5”.

I started up pumping again at the beginning of January 2007 back at 5.25” girth and decided I would try to get growth from using low vacuum. My goal is to reach 5.5” of girth again.

I was doing 3 minute sets at 3hg but this was not enough to maintain an erection whilst in the cylinder so I upped the HG to 3.5 but was still losing my erection during the set.

I am now doing 3 x 6 minute sets at 4HG but this is still not enough to maintain an erection, I can see the Glans deflate pretty soon after going in the tube and I have tried milking the tube and I use heat.
I take Cialis but need manual stimulation to keep a good erection, porn alone does not do it.
As soon as I release the vacuum the penis comes out of the tube flaccid and after the session I am back to my normal flaccid size within about 15 minutes.

Does this matter? Am I wasting my time pumping this way?

Maybe I do need to up the HG a bit.

Your set times are still too short. Stick to 4”hg max, but start increasing your set time to 12, then 15, then 20 minutes to see your results.

Since you are using Cialis, enter the tube on your first set after maintaining a manual erection for about 5 minutes.

Keep using your other good techniques like milking, heat, porn and Cialis and in between sets, if you don’t clamp to maintain a max erection, at least massage yourself back to an erection for about 5 minutes before entering the cylinder again.

Following your last pump set, finish off with another erection, again with a clamp if you have one. Also, when combining clamping with pumping, do not use hard clamp force. Only enough to maintain your pumped size.

I think increasing your set times will start making big improvement with your lasting result.

Bluenun although some of my challenges have been similar to yours except I do not use Cialis as I think I can perhaps manage without it for the time being, you have made mention of a good point.Gprent you advice is sound and spot on and will be applied.My problem has been the fact that the time spent in the tube was not sufficient to promote worthy gains especially over this period when I seem to have hit a slight plateau

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" There is only one option success; for failure is the refusal to persist"

Thanks for the replies.

On your advice I upped my set time to 10 minutes today and will add 1 minute to my sets each session until I get to 20 minutes x 3 and stay at 4 HG.

A question I had regarding heat is should I use heat all the way through the 3 sets or only for the first 2 1/2 sets and then take the heat away?
I have a heat pad but actually prefer to heat a rice sock before each set now.

I do have a cable clamp but am frightened of injuring myself again so prefer not to use it at this time.
I do have some jelly cock rings. How long should I wear it for after my pumping session?

Well I have been sticking to 4 HG but I found that I was getting a donut from 12 minute sets and also today got a good donut from 3 x 11 minute sets so think I had better stick to 10 minutes sets and do 4 or 5 of them.

I would be grateful for some replies regarding the heat and cockring in my above post.

I use heat all the way through, but if you have some theory on removing the heat at the end, try it out.

As far as the cock ring goes, since you are sensitive to donuts right now, just start off with 5 minute cock ring sessions.

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