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Low Pressure vs High Pressure Pumping


sta-kool, thanks for the feedback! I’m going to keep experimenting for now, but it’s true that safety is critical with all of this. Nonetheless I won’t recommend that to anyone else unless I see dramatic results, in which case I’ll post a thread or something.


Originally Posted by dtwarren1942
I think I can give you a run for for the money.

Let me know when you can fulcrum hang with extensions attached to the bib with 17.5 lbs on it.

I don’t feel any kind of stretch unless I go to 7.5-10hg. 10 seems to be my magic number to feel a really good stretch. 20-30 minutes at that level is a great workout. Not recommended for everyone of course :)

For the past two weeks I have been experimenting using my pump to warm up before the workout then after to completely wear me out. I found that pumping just to 100% EQ allows me to get a good flaccid hang afterwards without any donut effect which is about 5psi for me but I usually stay at 6 unless overworked. Also I time my sets so that as soon as I start to get a fluid build up I stop and edge for 1-3minutes. So far I can handle 10sets 30min total pumping-3min @ 8psi on 2min off or 3 sets after workout 15min total-5min @ 6psi on 1min off then 15min clamping.

Patience with the hg´s dudes, you might not get the result you want if in a hurry.

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I’ve been pumping for a long time. But the 8psi day was a little too much for me the day after so I will stick to 5 or 6. Thank god I heal fast!

Originally Posted by sta-kool
Seriously, try that gprent routine out exactly as written for a week and see what you think. If you don’t like it, then all you have lost is a week.

How many days in a week? 2on 1off?

High pressure pumping


After pumping for over 20 years, I use a minimum pressure of 10 Hg and a max of 20 Hg

Growth has been permanent, with no problems


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