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Loss of sensation

Loss of sensation

Is it common to feel a kinda loss of sensation in the skin on the dick and the dick after pumping.

feedback please

Tell us more.

What did you do in your routine?

No, it is not common.



Originally Posted by waytoobig
Is it common to feel a kinda loss of sensation in the skin on the dick and the dick after pumping.

This temporary situation could happen if you’re new to pumping, and/or you’re being overzealous in the cylinder with either vacuum pressure or time in the tube. It is not common though. Take a few days off and rest, if this has happened to you.


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I jsut follow the 101 guidlines. I’m on week four. I also kegel in the tube, and milk some. I don’t mean a complete loss of sensation, it’s jsut like you some people say pump before sex to avoid premature ejaculation, because it kinda desensitizes you some. Like when you drink and get whisky dick. It’s kinda like that.


Doesn’t ever happen to me. It doesn’t sound to me so much like a disadvantage as an advantage. You last longer in sex?

Are you tinkering with higher HG levels than you should? That’ll sure do it.



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