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looking for cylinders

looking for cylinders

I am looking for an online company based in Canada that supplies pumping cylinder Not a cheap pump set but a good thick wall cylinder. Dont want to order out of the states due to shipping and customs.

Chances are your Canadian supplier has already jacked his prices up because he imported his wares from a U.S. supplier. I guess you won’t have to worry about customs delays though.

thanks for your input, Im not concerned with price as much as not wanting my penis pump going through customs. Dont really want it opened and a broaker to have to deal with importing a penis pump. Anyone knowing of a canadian supplier would be appreciated!

I got my pump here in Canada and started out with a homemade gravel vac cylinder. It turned out to be the wrong size and I was unable to find anything else that would work so decided to buy a premade cylinder.

I couldn’t find a supplier in Canada so I ordered a new cylinder from the states. It came via USPS with “cylinder” on the customs declaration form and cleared without any trouble (there are no laws restricting the importation of plastic cylinders, and so there was no reason to hold it). The sender had clearly done this before and all the paperwork was done properly and discreetly.

While it was likely x-rayed along with many other packages I really don’t mind that — the customs people have seen *far* stranger things. I still don’t know of any suppliers in Canada but let me assure you that it really isn’t much of a hassle to get one sent across the border.

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