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Long pump threshold before erection quality deteriorates

Long pump threshold before erection quality deteriorates

I’m sure this question has been posed before, but a brief search of ‘eq’ came up with nothing so thought I would ask again.

I’ve just started dating a new girl and have been enjoying sleeping with her in the evening after squeezing in very light, short pumping cycles in the day.

I want to get maximum girth but am worried about past experiences where I would get huge but loose erection quality.

Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

Has anyone gotten huge and still have a very usable tool? Is it a matter of frequent breaks? Very low pressure?

Or, even at say 2.5 HG, does erection quality eventually decrease with size?

Thanks guys!


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I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can

I can pump two long sessions in a row (consecutive days, around 5-8hg) and still maintain good erections. Usually after the second session, I’ll have sex with the wife. I have to rest 3 days after two long sessions…so it’s a 2 ,on/3 off routine.

I’ll add: if done correctly (i.e. slow increase in pressure while maintaining an erection as long as possible in the cylinder), I get minimal lymph buildup and average at least a half inch in added girth (which my size queen of a wife loves). The girth is temporary, but I am seeing permanent girth increases…hopefully one day, that post-pumped 5.5 inches will be permanent!

Although it varies for us all. I think pumping within your or an acceptable range and allowing you penis to recover should have any adverse effect on your PE. If and when PE start having a negative effect on my EQ then there is a problem with either the amount of time spent in the tube or likely the pressure. I can pump 5 days a week or even every day for that matter within reasonable range and it will not kill my EQ at all if anything it should enhance it

With regards to your previous experiences about pumping hard and then loosing EQ , that is understandable you may have become a little overzealous in your girth gaining attempt. Just pump within reason and those permanent girth gains will be with you.

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So is it safe to say that a long pumping session that builds up some lymph fluid, is always a bad thing ?

In my short experience with pumping, with sessions of 10 minutes and a pressure of 2 - 2.5 hg, my EQ has suffered very much.
I like the idea to do pumping, I like so much to do wet jelq after pumping and to see it bigger, but when there is my girlfriend was difficult to keep it up, and I am only 30 years old.

Since I left pumping my EQ it’s ok! :(

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I’ve never really suffered EQ after pumping, maybe a few rare occasions when I first started. Everyone is different though. You might want to do your routine as early as possible before sex. I know that for me, the longer I’d pump the more harder and hornier I get, usually alcohol aided though. After 6 pumping sets, I can be hard, jerk off, and it seems like it takes awhile to go soft even after that.

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