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limiting factors

limiting factors

My question is, If someone’s no. 1 limiting factor is their tunica I assume they will not be able to get any length gains from pumping. At least until they stretch out their tunica via hanging or such.


My guess is that if that is so, then we wouldn’t see so many pumpers getting gains.

It’s my observation that there are very few crossovers - guys who do both pumping and hanging. I suspect that’s because of time factors, hanging requiring a lot more time/session.



I cant wait to do both hanging and pumping. The main problem is that even a small amount of fluid buildup can make hanging close to impossible.

My pump is here, i’m picking it up from the post office tomorrow. At least I think its my pump. I’ll be pissed off if it turns out to be that book I ordered.

I better start reading about pumping, there is much still to learn. I’ve read much of the practicals, to get started.

Better submit this now before I end up singing xmas songs again.

I currently do both, hanging and pumping. I hang 3 sets first, then i do my pumping, 2sets@15mins. Since my family is on vacation for 2 months, i plan on going real hard morning and night with both and doing some of Peforeal shock routines.


Great you have all that private time. Make the best of it. 2 mos. offers a lot of gain space.


If it’s that book you ordered, we will all be disappointed.




I will, thanks. When my wife comes back she is not going to know what hit her!

I have a pump that does not have a gauge on it, it has the black bulb type pump that you squeeze. I just squeeze it when ever I feel it losing a little pressure, I do 3 ten minute sessions a day spread out. I marked off the 6.5 and 6.75 inches spot on the tube, but my piece never extends to more than before.

My tube is 2 in. wide, my erect girth is apprx 5 5/8 outside tube. Do I need a bigger tube or what, the length on the tube is like 7.5 inches. I would like to think I could at least get length gains inside the tube my bpel outside the tube is 6 1/4, but in the tube it goes to about 6 1/2.

T-rex, you must really pack that 2”er all the way up your shaft, and rather tightly I might add. I don’t think you would have any problem moving into a larger tube. Myself, if I had your stats I’d go for a 2.25”x9” tube. You would still easily pack it although not as tight which would allow you to gain more length in the tube using the same or slighly more pressure. Are you also following an intensive stretching routine to gain length? I can help you make a 2.25” tube if you’re interested, just PM me and I will tell you what you need.

I think, given the majority of our goals here, that a 10” long tube is a good idea. That will get most of us covered for length.

I dunno b1nzen. I started at 5.75 girth and a 2” wide tube served me well for a long time.



Avocet I’m assuming packing the tube means that my skin is making full contact with the tube walls. If so, my skin is only making contact the first 1.5 inches at the base. Maybe my unit just doesn’t expand much, for instance when I come right out of the tube there isn’t a very noticeable difference. The only way I’m able to stay large afterwards is by sliding a cock ring straight off the pump, and on to the base.

I don’t know if I just have a lousy pump or a lousy dick that won’t expand much.

T-rex, you are right. Packing means that the full length of your shaft is making contact with the wall of the tube. Now that I know this I would definately say that you need to stay with your 2” tube for now, but I would still increase the intensity of your stretching routine. To help even out the girth I would concentrate on mid shaft jelqing and squeezes.

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