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Life as a PE semi-retiree?

Life as a PE semi-retiree?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this all summer and today posted in Dino’s (Main Member Forum) thread about the Rat Cage what my new PE attititude is. Some things he said inspired me to put my thinking into words.

I’m at where I want to be. I like my size. It looks good. It functions real fine; the level of my ED is now very manageable with one drug or another - and not ever a worry anymore.

What I’ll do is what I’ve been doing gradually for months now: Downsizing. Not my cock, but PE.

I do pump, I probably always will because I know of no better way to improve and maintain penile vascular health, but I’ll do it just for regular, moderate exercise and to hold my size.* I do jelk and will but only for some feeling of stretch and frankly for the pleasure of it because when you are not being frantic about jelking, it can feel real good. And I’ll throw in a few manual stretches for good measure, when I feel like it, and that will be it.

From now on I’ll just offer what info I feel you all can use (I enjoy the friends I’ve made at Thunder’s and the interchanges), I’ll encourage new pumpers, and concentrate my PE time and energies on some different cock subjects, like how to get the most out of one once you’ve built it.

* I’ve read all those great posts about, “How I took a year off from PE and never lost a millimeter” but, guys, I worked too damned hard and long to enlarge this unit to risk any shrinkage.




I appreciate where you are at right now. I’m having similar thoughts. I feel like I have made enough gains to be content. Sure, I’d like a bit more length, but I’m very satisfied with my girth. After a good year and a half of serious PE, I’m not so frenetic about the whole process. I actually look forward to PE’ing every day and am more relaxed about all of this than when I first started. My dick is always ready and my libido has never been stronger, even at 52 years of age.

If I have any other advice at this point to offer others, I would say to keep the variety in your PE routines. When plateaus arise, I think it’s because your dick has just gotten accustomed to the stresses. So vary the amount of time and intensity from day to day and switch among dryjelqing, ulis, squeezes, powerjelqing, stretching, standing fowfers and vacuum pumping.

Best to you.


Thanks, peforeal.

For those of you who don’t live where we do, our state usually comes out near the bottom of any national ranking - effectiveness of education, etc. At least we two have moved our state ranking higher in one area.

Peforeal is right on about keeping variety in your routines. One of the keys to gaining is keeping a positive mental attitude. When boredom sets in, one looses that sharp imaging focus that is saying constantly, I WILL gain.




this is very inspiring to read. you both sound so calm and peaceful (and content!) :) well, I would be the same if I had your size (and I will have it!).

anyway - I think this is great of you to keep hanging around here and helping the next generation..

for those of us that are still in the middle of this road, it’s amazing to read that you can really get there, to that place over the rainbow!

I am still in the middle of this road, after about 8 months of PE I’ve gained more than 1 inch in length, and about 0.7 inch in girth, I’m very happy with my gains, but will probably be at it for at least another year or so, to get that extra 1 inch in length and girth.

I think I look at PE in a very positive way. I am happy with what I gained, I have no doubt I will gain more, I actually enjoy my PE sessions, both physically and also just because it’s the time I have for myself every day, when I am doing something completely on my own and for my own development. it feels great. I also love the fact that I’m doing the impossible, and it’s working! it’s like magic.

also I am so happy that I found this forum, both for the wonderful information that makes me feel sure I can gain and go past any plateau that I might have, and - of course - for all the nice people around here.

so basically I see this whole PE thing as a great adventure, and I just can’t wait for the happy ending when the hero kisses the heroin and they both fall into bed to use his new 8x6 toy! :clap:



I hope for your sake, after all this good work of yours, that she utters a significant gasp as you enter her.

Good you have your eye on the long-term of PE. You’ll be much more likely to get where you want than those who don’t see that this is a commitment of time and not a fast-track process, although there are certainly men who luck out with just the right genetics and/or tissue flexibility.

Content, yes. There is an element of bittersweet in putting into posted words that I’m quitting the size pursuit. On the other hand, I did a pleasureable short workout this morning, had more than my usual time for my real-life work, and I’m still nicely inflated from the pumping.

I feel very satisfied to have got even farther with PE than I ever thought I would.



she better gasp! :chuckle:

bittersweet? yeah, now I understand what I felt was hiding behind those summarizing words. it’s actually kind of sad isn’t it? reaching your goal is an ending.. of course every ending is a new beginning, and it’s true, but still it must be sad.

somehow it reminds me of this film Cast Away with Tom Hanks, where he’s trying for years to get out of this desert island, and finally when he manages to build his raft and gets out to the sea, and makes it past the waves, finally fulfilling his goal, he looks back at the island he wanted to get out from so badly, getting smaller and smaller while he gets deeper into the sea, and suddenly he starts crying cause he realizes he’s going to miss it so much..

hope I didn’t make anyone cry! :cry:


Good point. In this case, with this decision, I’m left wondering what it would be like to be 9 x 7. I’ll just have to ask you other guys if you get there.




Hi Avocet,

It’s nice to see you’re happy with your size. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and I’m glad you’re still going to post some. I just wanted to say Congratulations.

Take it easy,

Thanks hardatit. I’m just sticking with my now size. It’s been too much fun seeing myself get larger not to stick around and help others get larger, too.

Also, I notice Thunder didn’t fire me because I went into semi-retirement…. But then, I didn’t check the mail today.



avocet8, thanks for sharing your thoughts, I wish I will be in your shoes this time next year. Your help on the board is much appreciated by myself and I am sure by many others.

Regards Rolo

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