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Length pump question

Length pump question

Alright, I do the normal 5-6 hg pumping for 10 - 15 minutes. It makes it plump but not anything extraordinary. I do go to 7 hg periodically to check things out. Well it does get fatter by adding that extra hg, but I’m sure some of it is lymph.

But the thing I’m noticing by fluctuating the hg’s, is that there is a certain number I can pump to the really pulls the length to max without any kind of discomfort. But anything over it is pointless because it doesn’t get any longer, the pressure is to intense, and I can practically watch it fill up with lymph.

So, what I want to ask is, basically does lymph affect length. I slowly work my way up after a couple sets from 5-6 hg to 7-8 hg. But the difference is incredible. I stretch a good 1/4” more, yet it feels totally relaxed and comfortable.

Granted I don’t just put it in the tube and head straight for 8. I take my time, and after a few sets I can do this. Again I do get some extra lymph, but not really alot.But with the extra length pull, it looks like I’m getting more out of a session.

Is this good or bad? It feels totally within a safe range, I get wood naturally, So far nothing bad is happening. (I need to say that I don’t hold it there very long) After about a minute or two I release and pump it up slowly again.

But will this extra pull help with some length? Will a little extra lymph entering the dick hinder the gains?

I do add other exercises inbetween sets too.

But I really feel I’m getting more out of it this way. I just don’t want something to happen that I couldn’t notice physically.

And I know the safe/ slower way is better, and I’m not rushing anything, I just have been experimenting and have been noticing this. And I’m curious as to whether or not it is safe to keep doing. I do know what the cut off pressure is and I absolutely do not go over that. But I stop just before, and seem to be doing better.

Interesting that you posted this because I have just done the same thing. I’ve been pumping for a couple of months, but never go about 5Hg, but recently I tried going (slowly) up to 7 and noticed I get a lot more extra pull too. I too don’t’ stay up there too long since everyone says go low and I was too wondering if it was alright to do.

I usually do a 10 minute set on 7Hg, then a 10 minute set on 8Hg, then another 10 minute set on 8Hg with pretty much constant “milking” of the tube, whereas you pull the tube away from your body, causing the pressure to range from 8 - 10 Hg, though only very quickly—so the pressure goes up and down and up and down. I use a 2”x10” tube, so I fill it pretty quickly girth-wise, so at least half the workout is hitting hard on the length. Under normal circumstances, I’m about 6.75 to 7” BPEL, but in the tube at the end of my workout i’m at a little over 7.5”. If that were only permanent…

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents worth.

Originally Posted by pocopeepee

So, what I want to ask is, basically does lymph affect length.

No, lymph will not affect length.

Déjà vu, you guys are sounding like me. I have gone thought the same routine over the years.
First this is not a newbie thing, but I still pump at high hg. today. But getting there is a long road with concerns to consider. Listen to your body; high hg can rupture blood vessels, those nice little red spots and the bigger spots, the purple circles about ½ “ in diameter this is a big vein that burst, and take days to clear up. Been there done that.

Watch your pressure and work your way up there; this may take over a year to get there.
Next thing to watch is lymph fluid build up. This is not what you want. You want the corpus cavernosum to full out; a build up a fluid under the skin is not helping.

You can see and fill the difference and this is where you have to say here is my limits for now.

The length question is, yes it can help but my first thoughts are your are seeing the higher pressure pull the tube back into your fat pad more looking like it pulling length, But length can come from this. Also watch your tube diameter, start to pack it out to help with length before moving up to a bigger tube. Jelqing and stretching after will help too.

Listen to your body, there should be no discomfort here, a little pull OK.
I know there is a lot of member here that are not fans of high pressure but we have to be careful with what we do, and if it works for you, Great.

We are all here to gather information and share thoughts, then make your own conclusion what you want to do next.


I agree wholeheartedly with Edd, this is not beginners stuff here. I’ve pumped on and off for 2 years or so, with varying successes, since I’ve not bee committed to routines. Still looking to get on schedule. But listen to your body and don’t get too crazy with it to begin.

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