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Length gains with pumping

Length gains with pumping

Hi guys,

I hope that I have not opened a thread useless, but I am looking for clarity on one aspect.

I would like your opinion about the gains in length associated with the pumping. In other words, I would like to know if, in your opinion, the pumping stops the gains in length, or if there is a routine associated with the pumping that allows greater gains in length.

Thanks in advance and sorry me for me umperfect english :)

Starting sept 2012: BPEL 15.5 cm - NBPEL 13.5 - EG 13,0 cm

Today: BPEL 18.5 cm - NBPEL 15.3 cm - EG 14.0 cm

Goal: BPEL 19 cm - NBPEL 17.0 cm - EG 16 cm

Through the reading I have done on here, packing the tube is the most effective way to increase length with a pump and also making sure there is less donut effect on your glans because it doesn’t have anywhere to balloon out. I have a 5.25 - 5.5 MSEG, and more base girth that quickly seals the 1.75 inch tube I have. Granted I have only done this to try it out at the end of a routine for a split second and haven’t started a routine, so take what I am typing here with a grain of salt. I am inexperienced and only have read for hours/days. With your girth you would need to go higher than that, so 2 inches diameter would most likely be a quick fill and your tissue would be pulled more instead of expanding. There have been people who have had success with pumping on here, look around. Good luck with your pumping adventures, I know I can’t wait till I feel comfortable enough to do it. Gotta make sure to not break my dick, only been doing the newbie routine a week.

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