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Last minute approval

Last minute approval

It would be great if some of you experienced pumpers could approve this, as it will be my first pump. It’s called “Pro-Xzek”, and seems to be of good quality. I will copy some info about it here.

“The kit contains a 22.9 cm (9”) long plastic vacuum chamber with a 5.7 cm (2.25”) circumference and a 12 cm (4.5”) soft latex inner sleeve for perfect seal and comfort. The Hand Pump features a stainless steel piston and cartridge, safety ca-vacuum release pin, new and improved soft-cushioned non-slip grip handle for fast pump action and a safety vacuum gauge that allows you to exercise your penis gradually within the safety vacuum range of 17.5 cm Hg to .38 cm Hg. Also included is a set of three 100% silicone restriction rings in 20, 25, and 30 mm sizes and a professional instruction book with English.”

The size should be good for me, as I am going mainly for girth. My penis size is 7,5” el and girth is 4,5” right under the glands, and 5,8” at the base.

Could anyone also tell me what the “latex inner sleeve” is used for?

If you guys approve this, I will get it and write a review later when I have used it for a while.


Your girth would be better suited in a 2” tube. The pump seems ok, but a plastic tube is usually a thin walled cylinder and, accordingly, may cause discomfort after 10 minutes of use as the thin walled end bites into your fat pad. The inner sleeve allows a better seal for thinner dicks and improves comfort, slightly. If it is cheap enough, it could be ok to use to get a “feel” for pumping until you can afford/find a 2” acrylic tube with a comfortable end.

Please don’t bother with it if its the one I found under that name its a cheap tube with none flared base it will dig into you and hurt. The silicone sleeve will just allow it to seal any girth it will restrict the base of the penis again a crap tube. Go with a quality tube and pump that way you wont have to buy over and over. Cant find this one for less than $99 lol run away from it.

If you are short on cash picturebrite has great deals on stuff but quality control can be a little bad I got a cylinder with the top half unglued I fixed it myself another one the female connect was cracked again fixed myself but worth the price they ship international too.

if you can handle not seeing your unit in the tube, you can make your tube using a 2” pvc pipe. The ID of the pipe is about 2.0625”. It is thick walled so it is comfortable against the fat pad.

The only draw back is that you can not see through it. If you are going directly off gauge readings then you don’t have to see your dick, but, a lot of people highly prefer seeing the pumped state so a non clear tube isn’t acceptable for them.

Cost on a tube made of 2” pvc pipe is around US $9. This is just another alternative if money is a factor.

Thanks for the replies! Do you guys know any pumps that you can recommend? Im not very handy so i wont even think about making something myself :D
What pumps do you guys use? Are they all custom made?

I have searched google for pumps, but I cant seem to find any place that has “quality pumps”, and nothing that is priced over 90$. I would easily pay twice that much for a good pump.

Based on advice from this site, I bought my cylinders at, and was very happy with it.

The pump itself I got elsewhere and cheaply. But a quality thick-walled cylinder is a smart investment.

(I originally did the cheap route, with a thin cylinder and a latex sleevy-thing — check out my pics of my crap setup in this thread from 2004: Commander Blop. I realized pretty quick that a comfy, thick-walled cylinder was important if you are doing this regularly.)

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

Originally Posted by Laeh
The only draw back is that you can not see through it. If you are going directly off gauge readings then you don’t have to see your dick, but, a lot of people highly prefer seeing the pumped state so a non clear tube isn’t acceptable for them.

Yes, if you did a poll here, I am sure all or most of the pumping vets would say you should always be able to see your dick at all times when pumping.

I know I would never use an opaque tube. :eek:

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

Just checked out, and it seems like a serious site. So, if I order their “Wide Mouth Cylinder Package” (15$ more or less doesnt really matter, and 40% faster length gain ftw ^^), does this mean that I am all set to go then? Wont I need all those fancy seals and stuff that comes with some other pumps?

The 2” wide mouth is oval so it is 2.25” across the wide diameter and 2” across the short diameter so it averages 2.125” If your penis is oval in shape it works better than a round cylinder. Also, if you are debating betyween a 2” or 2.25”, it fits in between these two sizes. I have a wide mouth (unfortunately I needed to order a smaller size) it is very comfortable. I started packing my old round cylander (same nominal inside diameter) all the way 6 months ago, but I am only packing the first third of the wide mouth. If you can afford it, you can’t go wrong.

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