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Lap pump = harbor freight tools pump

I got one of these in my town. Do you think I can find a cylinder at the pet shop for rock cleaning? I want to build one today!

My starter pic with ruler. ruler2.JPG

Question for the pump savvy:

Does this include everything you would need to combine with a LAP cylinder and start pumping? Would you still need to purchase adaptors along with a cylinder?

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You would still need the male coupling that plugs into the female coupling in the top of the cylinder.

great find

I’m considering going to a local place here in town called TAP plastics. I’m sure they can fabricate a new cylinder when I’m ready. I’m just not sure what the expense will be. I’ll look into it and let you guys know.


It’s the same, indeed.

OK, I just bought the brake bleeder at Harbor Freight for $33 and went over to the fish store ant got a 1 5/8 X 9 tank cleaner for $9.50. The other one was to big at 2 X 10. It came with every thing I needed. I went to the bike store and bought an iner tube for $4.99. It has been 30 minutes and I can now say that my dick is hanging very heavy. I did a new pumper thing and pumped it at 10Hg for 12 min. I should be sticking at 7 Hg even thought 10 Hg does not hurt. My member is at 7.25 inside the tube at 7 Hg. I can get it to 7.5 with more pressure but may start to do more harm than good. I’m going to do another session later tonight and then jump in my hot tub for a few.

My starter pic with ruler. ruler2.JPG

I think the tube may be a little on the narrow side. About half of my head is touching the tube and when I’m done with a session my dick head looks almost square. It seems like a bigger tube would also let me get some head size gains. My dick fills the tube about half way up the shaft and then again at the head. Should I jump up to a 2 inch tube or is that going to be too big? I don’t want to suck any balls up but right now it is a struggle even getting my member in the tube to start pumping.

My starter pic with ruler. ruler2.JPG


Any cost saving alternative to ordering the male coupling from Lap?

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Nifty find compared to the way too expensive pumps sold just for PE.

I would get this setup for that. However, not for bleeding brakes. I always have used a one-way check valve along with a short piece of hose for a perfect one-man brake bleeding job. Just get in and pump the brake pedal a bunch of times. Works just fine rather than all of the little plastic attachments.

But then that’s OT.

Originally Posted by iamaru

Any cost saving alternative to ordering the male coupling from Lap?

Yes. United States Plastics sells a variety of those quick disconnect couplers, usually at a couple dollars less per piece than LA Pump. You have to search for the right one. Start at “Tubing and Fittings” in the menu on the left side of the page. The ones they sell are made by Colder Products Company. I couldn’t find anything about direct sales from them, but I didn’t search for very long. Buying directly from the manufacturer might result in an even better price.

Originally Posted by iamaru

Any cost saving alternative to ordering the male coupling from Lap?

OK, here is a list of stuff you can get from Please double check any of these part numbers I list below to make sure it is the part you need for your situation:

Polycarbonate cylinder material 2” ID, PN: 8585k46 @ $8.19/ft

Polycarbonate cylinder material 1.75” ID, PN: 8585k18 @ $7.00/ft

Quick disconnect male fitting PN: 5012k251 $1.42

Quick disconnect female fitting with shut off valve PN: 5012k29 $6.74

Gauge 2” dial PN: 3935k52 $9.49

Clear plastic tubing PN: 53955k14 @ $0.55/ft

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DAMN. I find this out a a week after I order my $160 LA Pump.

Several years ago I made a polycarbonate 2”id x 12” cylinder. The flare at bottom was easy and comfortable. Heated by holding over an electric stove and used a 1/2” wooden dowel to form the flare. It takes several heatings. Then while still semi-plastic I pressed the flare down on a ceramic tile on my kitchen floor, making it perfectly flat except for radius at cylinder. The difficult part was capping the cylinder and attaching the hose connection. Used a metal Mity Vac pump.

westla & gprent,

Thanks guys, I appreciate that a lot!

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