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LA pumps or Vacutech ..I'm new here


LA pumps or Vacutech ..I'm new here

Hi all,

I’m in this dilemma over picking either a pump from LA PUMPS or Vacutech. What I don’t like is LA pumps can only be reached via emails—Vacutech sounds more legit in that they can be reached via many means—this is not a main argument, but this is just something I’ve noticed and caught my attention.

Which are best flared or thickwalled ?

And what pumps would be best ? I had in mind to buy the white solo pump with a vaccuum dial on it—is it very durable ? i wonder if that one is only made of plastic ? I also see the other one which is brass made and has no dial.

I want something very sturdy, comfortable, and durable…at least if possible.

Thanks in advance.

I still don’t see the advantage of a flared tube, if by flared you mean the ones which narrow at the top. With a thick glans, this would definitely be a disadvantage.



Originally Posted by avocet8

I still don’t see the advantage of a flared tube, if by flared you mean the ones which narrow at the top. With a thick glans, this would definitely be a disadvantage.

I think he’s refering to Vacutech’s flared cylinder at the open end,at the base.This alows for a better seal,without digging in the pubis and is supposedly good for girth(slight clamping effect?) a standard 2”clinder would have an opening of 1.75”.Most pumping sessions tend to rapidly engorge the base ie.bottom 1/3 of the tube,so after a while it becomes difficult to pull out due to that 1/4”difference/constriction.

Other then that I think Vacutech is a great company.It was my first pump supplier and I started with the grey/white pump with the gauge on it and the 2x9”flared cylinder.After your base girth becomes too big you have to switch to a straight/thick-walled cylinder in order to continue to expand the upper portion of the shaft and glans without choking of your base.Oh and yes that pump is the plastic one,and is very durable..go for it chip.Their customer service is excellent and you can use visa over the phone, which has always been my preference.

Good luck chip. :up:

I’ve talked to the LA Pump people on the phone before. Not sure where I got the number or where it went, but I have. Maybe it was on their shipping label. :-k

Some people are less than happy with a cylinder that tapers in size, preferring the straight cylinder with a flange at the base for comfort and great seal, which is why I went with LA Pump.

I also love the all metal pump with gauge. I don’t have to worry when my significant other, in her excitement of seeing my engorged package, tosses the thing out of her way onto the tile floor. :mwink:

The pump, you mean, I guess. :)



Originally Posted by avocet8

The pump, you mean, I guess. :)


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I think LA Dist is the best system. The cylinders are constant diameter with a flange at the bottom for great sealing and comfort. Their brass pump with gauge is probably the best pump on the market.

I have never emailed them or talked to them on the phone. I just ordered the product, received it in a timely fashion and have been happy with it ever since.

Before ordering from anybody, I would recommend checking in here for the correct cylinder size to order, as all manufacturers tend to recommend a cylinder that is just to close to your actual size and doesn’t allow for much expansion.

I’ll check for my base girth and get back to you on this—I’m getting the thrill of pumping again—I used to be into it, but I used cheap sexshops pumps which only brought about some permanent gains.

Later :-)

I think I bumped into some posting where someone said that the LA pump (the plastic one with a gauge on top) kept cracking on the pumping handle—can anyone relate ?

I just wonder if it’s mandatory to get one equiped with a gauge ? I’m like big on sturdy stuff. There’s that old brass longitudinal pump which both LA pump and Vacutech sell which I’m sure is quite sturdy, but there’s no gauge on it. I’m just insecure on making a purchase…I always feel I may have overlooked some important detail.

Hello chip

The vacutech link shows the pump and tube I have. It is very well made and a pleasure to use regularly (pumping 101).

That said I have no experience with the LA pumps, so unsure how they compare.

Some might consider it a bit pricey, esp if you have to pay import duty on top, but I have no regrets.

The deluxe system from lapdist is the one you want. I have no idea why your last one crapped out on you, but if it was a manufacturing defect, I know they would have replaced it for free if you would have asked.

Yes, for sure, buy the pump with gauge. Just don’t drop it or pump water through it. I have had mine for over 5 years and it still works like new.

Thanks for your great advice—oh by the way they did replace the pump back then, so all was fine, I guess it can happen from time to time.



I have found the Vac u Tech pump very well constuction , also some person to talk to on phone with answer, also look at THE also worth while , steelbender in TEXAS

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