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LA pumps or Vacutech ..I'm new here


Hey all

Tell me, should I go with the thickwalled cylinder or the flared one ? I’m mixed up regarding this aspect.

my girth at base is 5.5 inches and 5 at midshaft—do I go with the 1.75 tubes or would be best to go with the 2 inches ?

Further, is there any difference between flared and thickwalled ? I like the thickwall’s look as it is beyond sturdy to me.

With a base girth of 5.5”, the best cylinder for you will be the 2.0” diameter.

As far as flared or thickwalled, I will let a vacutech expert answer, but their web site would indicate a flared tube. That is also similar in design to a lapdist cylinder.

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Thanks for the input :-)


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