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LA Pump cylinder isn't glass?

LA Pump cylinder isn't glass?

I was under the impression they produced glass cylinders. I just received my order of this tube:…tegory_Code=all

And it’s some kind of plastic/plexiglass material. I was willing to pay the $90 because I thought it was a piece of quality glass, not plastic. I’m a bit confused what this references on their product page:

“Hand crafted, diamond cut, flame polished cylinder”

You don’t diamond cut, flame polish plastic do you? Feel kind of ripped off at the moment. Maybe most cylinders aren’t glass and I just had the wrong idea of the product.

Glass and Penis don't mix!

There are no glass cylinders manufactured as far as I know.

I have an LA Pump cylinder and a couple of the other brands. The LA Pump is the most well constructed. Miles above as a matter of fact.

OK, thanks for the quick reply. I’m glad that it was just my misunderstanding. I was looking at it being tempered glass (strong like bull) so I could warm it before pumping as glass has great thermal retention.

After pumping for a while you’ll be glad it’s not glass. I’ve dropped my LAPD cylinder too many times with no resulting damage.

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Try to follow avocet8’s schedule for building up your time. It is the first post of Pumping 101. Great conditioning program!

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Thanks sta. I’m looking to slowly work pumping into a relatively light routine, which is surprisingly difficult because I find myself wanting to play with my new toy through out the day. Last night was the first night. i did 30 jelqs > 5 Uli’s > 10 second squeeze > 2-3 minute pump at 4-5hg repeating the sequence 4 times.

Felt good without a ton of fatigue after except for directly in the center of my cock ending at the urethra. Only a dull kind of pain that didn’t come till after I stopped. Not sure if that’s normal, but it was light, more of a discomfort, and went away rather quickly. Taking a day off today. Will play more tomorrow.

LAPD for life, I cracked their cylinders once by standing on it by accident but that is so strong I was able to use glue to put it together and still use it to this day.

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