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L.A. Pump fissure and PENIMASTER

L.A. Pump fissure and PENIMASTER

Hy guy.
About my odissey with the fisssured cylinder of L.A. Pump .. It’s not at the and. I’m waiting too the new one cylinder that they told send me.I’m waiting, still. The fissure are become up to 20.
8 at the base,very big, and more than 10 at the top but more little. I can’t explain what are happen..
I think that maybe I can finf some good alternative to my broken cylinder with a wery big syringe for veterinary use (elephant:) ) or medical device for operatory room, I’m searching.

One question:
Had somebody find some girth gain with PENIMASTER?
Can somebody tell me his experience with it? Many thanks.

For Roccosiffredi: I received your message but I can’t answer: you are not able to receive private message(but I don’t know why)

Hy guy

I have had a PM for about a month now, I have not made any gains in either length or girth, I am only using it about 4 hours a day. The manufacturer is suggesting that I wear it for 8 hours a day. That can be a problem. I have had one of the rubber straps break,. I emailed PM and they said that they will send me a couple more. There is a three year warranty on the device. However, the rubber straps are considered a wearing item and are not covered by the warranty.

Thanks Therry. I’m not english or american so is difficult for me read and translate every single post about Penimaster that I found.

Howewer, many opinion I read about. Yours is short, efficacious, and not more good about PM. I’m afraid because my desire should be find some device that increase my penis without fatigue (like jelquing, for example), maybe a magic.:)

Thanks, bye.


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