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Kegeling/balooning while in the tube~ unwise pumpers play?

Kegeling/balooning while in the tube~ unwise pumpers play?

I’ve recently begun a pumping routine and LOVE it. A really interesting and pleasurable and cool new facet of my PE adventure. Much thanks to gprent and avocet for their efforts in taking the newbie pumper by the hand. Your advice has been essential.

I’ve been trying like hell to follow the advice of the vets, but a few times (while”jelqing” with the tube) I’ve looked down and found my gauge at 7hg (oops!). Oh well. On the whole it’s been going good.

However, I have noticed something and was hoping to get some thoughts on it and see if anyone else has noticed something similar. As my sets progress, I start to king of “jerk off” using the tube (sliding in and out by about 2” without breaking the vacuum. What I find is that this seems to increase the pressure inside of the tube.

From there, I started to kegel 10 times in a row (while pumped and in the tube). Then, I would “hold” the eleventh kegel and kind of draw the tube forward as far as it would go without breaking the seal. This, I have noticed, also considerably increases my pump.

My homemade (aquarium) tube has a self-made comfort ring made out of plastidip around the bottom. What I find is that this kegeling/jerking/stimulation while pumped causes a sensation not unlike what people are calling “ballooning”. The results of this have been pretty much what the ballooners have noticed.
At some point I lose interest in the “jerking” motion and just use the lip of the tube to dig into this spot at the base of my dick. This causes a very pleasurable sensation. This also results in the “balooning effect” while inside of the tube. When this sensation overcomes me I go from packing the first two inches of my tube to packing the first 4~!!!

After these balooning/tube assisted jelqing/jerking sessions, I find that my cock is considerable bigger than just a typical pumper’s workout.

Am I taking things too far for a newbie? Is this kind of pumper’s play dangerous? Anyone else do this kind of stuff.

I’m pumping two ten minute sessions at 4hg.

Happy pumping!!!!

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The first indications of too high of a net internal pressure (combined internal pressure from the ballooning plus the vacuum force) will be skin capillary ruptures, otherwise known as “little red dots”. It it goes beyond this point, you get small bleeds, or larger red spots. Eventually if you totally overwhelm the blood vessels you can get a hemorrhage or blood out of the urethra.

If you are getting little red dots that go away within a day, just back off a little and keep an eye on the gauge and see at what vacuum level it starts at. For example, I start to get red dots above 3 in hg, so I keep it at or below 3 in hg.

If you are getting larger red spots or worse, you must lay off until it heals, then back way down from the vacuum force that caused it.

I assume you haven’t gotten these, or you would have mentioned it. So the next consideration is your PIs. Good positive PIs are good or improved erectile quality, and either no post pumping shrinkage, very little or best yet…a heavy flaccid that lasts most of the day.

If you are not getting bleeds, and you aren’t getting shrinkage, and your erectile quality is either undiminished or improved….then what you are doing is fine for you.

If its fine for you, keep in mind that with time penile stress can accumulate. If you find your EQ (erectile quality) starts to drop, then you might want to consider taking some days off as part of your routine.

The “jerking off” in the cylinder that you refer to, is called milking. While doing this the pressure on your gauge will fluctuate quite a bit. I usually pump right at 4-5hg and have noticed while milking in the past, for a brief second the needle would hit 7hg or so. For this short amount of time I dont know how it could negatively effect you but maybe some of the other vets can chime in. What little time I spent experiementing with this technique, I too noticed more expansion than if I hadnt milked the tube. The increase in expansion wasnt lymph fluid either, there were no donuts present. I really dont know what causes the increase and really havent practiced it much but it certainly appears to give you a thicker, post pumped look.

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Thanks for your very informative responses guys. Great stuff.

Sparkyx: One of the most lucid explanations I’ve read regarding “little red dots.” Who knew!? I’ve never(knock on wood) experienced little red dots before. The only injury I’ve ever given myself was something I’d refer to as a kind of “herniation” of the fascia (possibly the tunica?) right below the head while clamping as a newbie (i know, i know….). That prior injury has actually become something of a blessing- a spot that starts to feel compromised (sore) if I attempt to clamp up to dick busting pressures.

My main concern with doing what I’m doing is that the pressure shoots up (as biggerjohnson has mentioned) to around 7 hg at the end of the milking stroke and that this extra pressure on my dick is palpable. Since I’m really trying to be responsible with pumping, this 7hg spike makes me feel a little indulgent. Hopefully I don’t get any negative PI’s from it. Currently I have none~ quite the opposite actually, positive PI’s all the way with pumping~!!!

What I’m finding is that for some reason pumping “agrees” with my dick while clamping definitely does not. This, of course goes hand in hand with sparkyx’s “personal PI” method of keeping track of your pecker’s responses to your PE routine, but is kind of a mystery to me. Clamping, even at very low pressures, feels like the kiss of death to me while pumping and milking is like a pleasurable cruise through the park.

Thanks also for the mention of keeping tack of, “cumulative stress” sparkyx. It’s something for me to keep in mind as I am currently doing a 7 day a week routine which is attempting to place reasonable to light amounts of stress on the pecker over long amounts of time with no days off. Hopefully I’ll get some good gains before the “cumulative stress” rears up and bites me in the ass..

THEN: bpel 6.0 eg 5.0 bpfsl 6.125 NOW: bpel 7.375 eg 5.25 bpfsl 7.625


"Right now our only hope is in the hydrogen bomb." - Charles Bukowski


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