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Kegel while pumped?

Kegel while pumped?

Should I Kegel while the penis is in the pump?
Sometimes I try to do it and I feel that I’m straining my penis too much, and from time to time it feels as though it helps, what do you say?

And one more thing: I usually wear an extender and afterwards do a 10 minute pump (the penis kinda loses blood in the extender so it helps), is that a good order (I do manual exercises as well, don’t worry ;) )?

I kegel like crazy while in the pump.

I kegel for a minute or 2 at the beginning of a session, and again at the end. It helps me come out of the tube much harder which I like.

Yes, I kegel while pumping as well. I do it initially to help get erect inside the cylinder and throughout the pumping session.

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Absolutely. It’s like instinctive to me to do so. I do regular and reverse kegels. I have a question. I just started pumping about a week ago doing one five minute session

at 5hg. How long should I stay with that or what’s the progression for newbies?

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