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just started pumping


Hey N2H,

I misspoke on that post. Oil based products don’t actually damage the acrylic, it is just a real pain in the ass to get the oil based lube off the acrylic completely. Much easier to avoid the oil based and the clean up problems.

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k-y jelly's tha shit to get!!

I use k-y in my tube and never washed it once all this time and theres is still no problems with my stuff! and I can see my penis very easy will pumping.



Hey J4L, I use KY for the inside of the tube and Vaseline for the base,( The Vaseline give’s me a better seal ), Anyway when I jelq, I hate using KY it get’s sticky after awhile for some reason so I just use Vaseline. :)


I use baby oil while jelqing.


Guys, I tried the teflon tape and I managed to stay in the tube for 2 minutes at least three times without losing pressure, so I think it should be o.k. Thanks a million guys for the help!!


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