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Just ordered an LAPump...

Just ordered an LAPump...

Been lurking around for awhile, trying to figure out if all this was legit,lol. I tried jelqing but I already have a big mushroom head already and it was just making the head bigger, instead of shaft. From studying the posts it seemed that with pumping, you get the safest, quickest gains…we’ll see.

Just completed my order for an LA Pump w/gauge, for around $159. shipping and all. You all convinced me with the brass pump= longevity, comments.

These things come with a free video, do I just need to disregard and go by the 101 routine on here?

Will be posting more, when I finally get the thing.

Use the video and everything you have read here as a guide, but when it comes right down to it, pay attention to how your cock reacts to the pump. Then you can combine all your research knowledge into structuring a routine that suits you best. So to avoid injury that will get you off to a bad start, just take it easy at first with both time and pressure, and over the course of several weeks, build into what will become your normal routine.

I would recommend using KY Jelly or it’s equivalent as your lube, as it is easy to clean up with warm water and it is safe for all pump hardware. I would also recommend buying an electric heat pad at Target to wrap around the tube as you pump, to aid in the expansion process, eliminate condensation, and cuz it feels good. The heating pad made by Kaz that measures 12”X15” is a good one (pad is blue on box cover).

One more thing. Go out and buy some plumbers Teflon tape. Use it to wrap the threads of the fitting that screws into the top of the cylinder. You will then have a guaranteed leak proof seal.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Well said, gprent

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