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Just how loud is the ctc xl 3000 electric pump...

Just how loud is the ctc xl 3000 electric pump...

Can someone compare the sound of one of the pumps to an everyday object.
I live by myself,so I would not worry about someone hearing it in the next room,but I live in an apt. and I can usually hear the tv from downstairs through the heating vents.For anyone who owns one of these, do you think that it would be so loud that it would be heard through heating vents.

Its not as loud as a blender or vacuum cleaner is it?
Is there anything that someone can compare it to(the loudness).

I know that some peope avoid them because of the sounds, but I always figured this is because they have to be conspicious( ex.
if a family member hears a humming noise,no matter low,they may come and see what the sounds is.Since I dont have to worry about this,I am hoping I will be okay,I just dont want to bother the people who live below me,and would rather that they cant even hear it.

So can anyone think of anything that they can compare it to,or relate their experience over the loudness with me( specifically the ctc xl 3000).

Thanks in advance.


Certainly a lot less than a vacuum cleaner, and a good deal less than my blender. The best comparison I can make is with my microwave. Hope this helps.


Sounds like you own a CTC electric pump. I was wondering if you thought it to be a good purchase. Have you made any gains?

Go Celtics!


I have had my CTC for a month or so. I do 4 sets of 15 minutes each, with 60 - 80 jelques between sets. The vacuum needle oscillates at between 5 and 7 hg, though I adjust it according to how I feel. My weekly schedule is 3 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 1 day off. As I have indicated in previous posts, I have been at PE for quite some time, and I am a hard gainer. I am not going to measure for perhaps another month, partly because I want to become thoroughly familiar with the pump first. So far, I find it pleasant, effective, and easy to use (my wife knows about it, so the noise isn’t a problem for me). I would be interested to hear more about your own experience and routine.

Red light: How have your gains been since using the CTC?

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