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Just finished my first pumping session and I have a few questions


Originally Posted by Impaired
I just started pumping also,I only went up to I pump and then hold the pressure for ? Or do I pump, wait a minute or two and release the pressure and do it again.When I hit 2-3 HG I feel a tugging sensation,I suppose that is the feeling I`m looking for.
Right now I measure at 6.5,(would love to get a little larger)girth 5( would love to get a little wider),however everything works(rock hard when I need to be)I don’t want to screw it up with injuries.Thanks

There are many different pumping techniques to explore including the one you are doing now. I think it is best to pump up to 3”hg, hold it for 10 minutes and then release the pressure and massage your penis a bit. Then do another 10 minute cycle. As you start to accumulate more experience, add a third 10 minute cycle. Then do three 12 minute cycles and then after a while do three 15 minute cycles. You can then stay at that level for quite a while without having to add anything else.

Gprent, can you share with us your gains on a timeline sort of thing? IE: First month, third month, or whenever you really saw progress is size gains or other positive benefits.

I know I’m getting a fair amount of discoloration from pumping at higher levels even though it isn’t uncomfortable because I’m using a fair amount of heat. I’m definitely thinking about going lower like gprent is suggesting.

Originally Posted by ironaddict69
Gprent, can you share with us your gains on a timeline sort of thing? IE: First month, third month, or whenever you really saw progress is size gains or other positive benefits.

This question is difficult for me to give you any kind of useful answer. I started pumping before I found Thunders. I started with inexpensive squeeze bulb type pumps and would pump up fast and at high a pressure I could get. Even when I finally bought a pump with a gauge, I used high pressure typically in the 6 to 8 to 10”hg range and even have pumped as high as 15”hg. Even when I started backing off on the pressure and started staying in the 6-8”hg range, I was convinced I could make high pressure pumping work for me, even though by this time I was getting into this forum and reading about using less pressure. I am very stubborn and have taken years to very gradually reduce the pressure I use and figure out just how important it is to keep penis health as the most important issue in achieving PE results. That means, no red spots, no discoloration and no decline in erection quality. Basically, if you do PE and your cock always looks healthy, then you are on the right track.

I am still exploring on how good a result I can get at the least amount of pressure. After all, the goal is to be huge using no pressure at all, so achieving a nice post pump result using the absolute minimum pressure goes a long way to making this a reality.

Because it has taken me so long to figure all of this stuff out, my success progression would not be the same as someone starting here today and following a program that is more responsible and better suited to achieving trauma free results.

My schedule right now is to pump most every morning and go for three 15 minute cycles at a pressure of 3”hg. This results in a girth expansion from 5.75 to 6.25 and my post pump result is a rather huge flaccid hang (for me that is) that lasts until the next day. Most importantly, my cock looks healthy and I have no trouble getting fantastic erections, although I must say I do take I .5ml dose of liquid tadalafil every third day. :)

Since getting my 2.25’ pump, I have been addicted to using it everyday. I figured I need days off but my erections are better and WAY more sensitive than before so I see no reason to stop.


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