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just built my own, thanks

just built my own, thanks

I cannot believe that it was this simple to build my own. Went to PetCo, in their aquarium area they have a gravel cleaner/vacuum. Already comes with hose and nipple on the end. Spent 10.81. unbelievable. Here’s an idea for padding instead of using the foam. Just use the electrical tape. Line the inner diameter of the tube, when the ends meet just roll it over the top. Do it over and over until the desired comfort level is reached. Thank you guys for the inspiration.

By the way, tried it for the f of it, penis feels very spongy afterwards, not hard as I was expecting.

Way to go Ropegroper. Beats the hell out of paying $100+ for a pump doesn’t it. Did you use the balloon pump as per my instructions? I tried your idea of using the electrical tape for a seal but I found that after a few sessions the heat from my body was warming the adhesive of the tape and it was soon sliding out of position. I also had concerns about prolonged exposure to the tape’s adhesive(who knows what the chemical properties are?)since after the tape had moved there was a film of the adhesive in contact with my skin. This is why I developed my flange type of seal, and also this kind of seal when made per my instructions doesn’t take away from the tube diameter allowing maximum expansion at the base. Plus, with a 3/4 thick piece of foam if you use my cycling pressure method you can pump to a higher than normal pressure for these 20sec. durations without the base of the tube digging into your pubic bone and get a very effective lig stretch which will promote faster length gains in the tube.

Actually, I am using a mightyvac II that I repaired/salvaged. The pressure gauge is located on the unit itself. I am going to make a donation to the forum with the difference in the money that I have saved. In regards to the electrical tape problem, since this was onl the first time, I have not encountered the same problem that you did. what I did notice was that this provided a stretch at the base of my penis that manual jelquing cannot. I pump up to around 8 psi, and use the tube to sort of masturbate, but not with the intent to climax. It pulls on the base in a way that jelquing cannot. The whole jelqiung thing seems to only be good for creating a longer penis and a fatter two thirds of the penis since there is no increase in pressure from the base. By using the tubing in the way I described it seems to isolate the base. Also, I think that the tube gets presed closer to the pubic bone with increased psi, so that the apparent increase in lenght is realy due to the tube being sucked closer to the body rather than the penis actually being lengthened.

I really appreciate the input and advice that this column has provided.

I think that you and I have the same approach to pumping Rope; we use it mainly as a stretching method to fatigue the ligs and lengthen the shaft, although,of course, the added girth in the tube makes for faster gains along with jelqing and bends etc. If you really want a good fatigue go to my thread “New lig stretch while pumping”. This method I am finding is great for stretching and fatiguing the ligs at the very absolute base where they attatch to the pubic bone. This is a completely different exercise than stretching in the narrow tube which isolates the section of ligs in the penis. Using a larger tube as described in the above thread isolates the ligs at the pubic bone.


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