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Joined the Pumpers

Joined the Pumpers

Okay, finally received my pumping gear from NWPumpworks on Saturday. It only took three days from ordering to delivery by the smiling mail lady. A high quality 1.75 by 10 inch straight tube with a metal MityVac / gauge.

I am following the beginners routine and man is it hard not to pump it up more! I am also including warm up / down, jelqs and stretches. I must say this routine has had more visible effects then manuals.

My wife likes to watch or sneak a peek, when I’m pumping. She obviously likes what she see’s and wants to try the pumped up version this weekend. She now has a choice of penises: Regular or Super Size.

Thanks guys for all the info and helping me to decide on this approach!

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Hey! Great. Nice to see you being careful. Nice, too, to see the wife take an interest. You’ve purchased quality equipment that should last a long time. Keep us informed of your progress.

“…man is it hard not to pump it up more!”

Resist the temptation.

Pumping puts unexperienced stresses on dicks. They adjust gradually to the pressures and respond the ways we want them too if we don’t tire the tissues out.

Good to have you aboard formally and like Westla said, wonderful that your wife is curious and interested. Keep us posted on how it goes, for both of you. Since she does know and apparently supports what you’re doing, you’ll have no problem finding ample pumping time.



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