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Jim Diamond cylinders at PictureBrite

Got my 2 inch tube on Sat. I like a lot. Straight wall with “cock ring” effect at the base. I used it once and getting a seal was easy.

For the money, it’s a bargain.

The package wouldn’t fit in the mail box, so the mail man walked it into my garage. I lucked out that my wife was in the house because I was having a small party that day and if she had received it think she would have been like “whats this?” rip it open right then and there.

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Received my pump about 2 weeks ago. Im new to pumping, so I have no basis of comparison, but its made well, has a decent seal, (I shaved and used lubricant) the gauge works great and I am completely satisfied with my order. The shipping was discreet and came quick and in response to the poster above I have not received any sex catalogs or anything like that since.

Again… I have no basis of comparison, but it seems to me that It should be holding the pressure longer. I believe the leak is coming from the connection of the 2” tube and the hose that leads to the bleeder. With that said though, it doesnt take much strength to pump more air in so its really not even much of a complaint and Im sure with some tinkering I could fix the seal no problem. I couldnt imagine a $200 pump being so much better that it would justify the cost. For all intents and purposes it does exactly what it should be doing and I expect it to for quite some time, its made well. So all in all Im really liking the pump!

Bumping an old thread but wanted to let anyone know that may be interested that the Jim Diamond Cylinders at picturebright are only $12.50 right now. I ordered 3 after reading this thread-seems like at that price they can’t be beat.

Thanks for the heads-up.

Ordered from Picturebrite 12/14, arrived 12/17. Well made tube for the price. Only problem I had out of the box was pressure loss. Turned out the hose fitting connector on the tube wasn’t tightened enough. Cranked it down some, and works great.

Anyone know if a Lapdist pump, tubing, and cupler, will work with a picture brite cylinder?

I don’t have any LA Pump products but do have a couple of Picturebrite cylinders - they seem to use the standard fittings - at least the male fittings I already owned worked fine. If you don’t have the tubing or fittings then you could get the “Dual Connector Hose” along with your cylinders from Picturebrite - with some disassembling that would give you plenty of fittings.

My 2” picture bright cylinder was a 2 piece design. Well it worked well until the rubber o-ring at the top of the cylinder got nicked and the the seal was compromised. After replacing the o-ring the glued on cap poped off of the cylinder. I guess the canola oil I used for lube ate away at the glue. Next time I’m going with a bathmate.

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You can’t use canola oil with a bathmate either.

You need to use a water based lube with a pumping cylinder if you want to it to last.

I use a generic KY jelly, pretty cheap. Perfect for the cylinder, works great as a pumping lube.

I’m interested in buying one of their cylinders but I live in Canada and can’t find their ebay store. Can someone help me out, please?

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Hi, someone can answer this question please : “Anyone know if a Lapdist pump, tubing, and cupler, will work with a picture brite cylinder?”

Thanks in advance.

It should. They are all pretty much standard sizes, and interchangeable.

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Thank you Lampwick. Let’s start pumping!

I ordered some Jim Diamonds cylinders.But they want $100 to ship them to Europe which is fucked up.
They should charge like a normal USPS ground shipping like $15 max. I will see if they will send me the cylinders because I choose Shipping Method
Denver area customers only (Pick up/Delivery) - Pick Up = $0

I will ask them if they can ship with normal usps not wit fed ex super express..
And I will report in this thread.

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