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I've reached the end!

I've reached the end!

Of my 7 inch X 2.25 inch cylinder that is.^)

It is time for a new cylinder. I’m looking at the “Thick Wall Series Cylinder” from

I have a question for the veterans. Although I touch the walls on either side of my present cylinder while under vacuum, most of the extra girth is due to lymph fluid. I am not looking to increase my girth past 6 inches (I like BJs) and am looking for length gains. Should I order a 2 inch cylinder or another 2 1/4?

Has any one tried a mushroom head pump?

Originally Posted by gprent
Have you looked at the cylinder sizing thread? Selecting Your Cylinder Size

Unlike Prego gprent, the answer is not “in there”.

My base girth is 6.5”, mid 5.875” and glans extends wider on the sides and top. I do not want more girth as my wife says she has a hard time now.

Some sites recommend as large as a 3.5” inch cylinder with my girth. I don’t feel that is correct. gprent’s chart says 2.25”.

Again my question to others is will a 2” cylinder discourage further expansion of the circumferential membranes of the Tunica and encourage stretching of the longitudinal?

Your base girth will give you a snug fit into a 2” cylinder, but there will still be plenty of room for the rest of your shaft. I think a 9”X2” cylinder should force the issue in the length direction but it will of course allow the rest of your shaft to expand up to about 6.5” girth. I think it will work for you.

Thanks gprent. That’s the confirmation I needed.

I knew 1.75” is too narrow as I can’t fit into a Charmin roll of that diameter. Hopefully, my wife will thank you as well!^)

You big dick you, congrats

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

Thanks Anon. But at 6’2” and 230# it still looks like a toothpick in the forest.

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