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I've figured it out... 7.5 midshaft girth!


I've figured it out... 7.5 midshaft girth!

I’ve experiemented with the pumping deal for a few months now and have figured several things out that work for me…

A) At the very least pump after a good stretch session and a few erect horse squeezes…

B) Pump @ “LOW” pressure! I can’t over emphasize this! I’m certain that pumping at high pressure is counter productive and may work against permanant gains… I throw the trout into the pump for approx 45 minutes to a full hour @ GET THIS, 2 too 4 HG (no more) and the end result is a NONE doughnut’d trout that is ready for some serious fighting…

C) Get yourself a cock ring that “fits correctly” and put that sonofabitch on prior to putting it into your wife or g/f… I nailed the wife the other day after taking a blue pill and lasted longer then she wished I did, pulled off the ring and went to the bathroom to take a piss… I did a measurement test and pulled a 7.5” girth at midshaft! I’m convinced that girth is the biggest paydirt in PE… My girth gains have been at a snails pace but with what I figured out w/ the low pressure thing I’m going to realize some serious girth gains in the future…

D) I’ll say it again.. The vets like Avocet were so right about not over doing it with this form of PE… I experiemented with 6 to 10 HG in pressure and it didn’t do anything for me other then fluid bloat… Keep the pressure VERY LOW and extend your time and you will see veins appear on your stick that you didn’t know even existed…

Way to go, RWG!

As I remember, you were in a stall for gains. Happy to hear that pumping has been a good experience.

A cockring does tend to emphasize the vascular system. In about 1 in 5 pump sessions I use one while pumping - a narrow, pliable one that doesn’t get in the way.

I’m curious: When you use Viagra does that usually delay ejaculation for you? This is a common side effect reported by guys at our ED sites. In many the “anorgasmia” is apparently dose-related. Even a tad over 50 mg and it takes me a very long time - too long - to cum.



As far as Viagra slowing the urge to cum I have not noticed it… My premature ejac issue is so much better then it was prior to starting PE that I’m usually in a good mood these days LOL… The good thing about the blue pill for me is that if I cum to soon it’s no big deal as the trout stays hard… I can dump my nuts 3 times and still have hella wood to contend with…

The ring thing is pretty cool as well.. It sure give a massive push on the girth thing thats for sure…

Red spots Galor!

Hi guys,

I think I too could use a cockring to keep up the gains in my little buddy.
I’ve been pumping steady for 3 weeks now, maybe too steady!
I’m getting red spots all over the shaft and what feels like a little lump on the top- midshaft.

I know it’s a pressure thing but I’m only using 4” of pressure. I’m not filling up the tube solid when entering it, only pumping up enough to expand. So i can’t figure out why I’m getting these spots.

My current pace is 1 hour per day, 5 days per week. Maybe I need to back off the pressure- time, something. Just don’t know at this point.
Anybody else had this problem starting out?

Avocet, I took your advice and started milking 100 strokes, then pump 10 min etc for 30 mins AM and 30 mins PM. Think it’s to much time?
I understand a cockring would keep what I’ve already gained and therefore less pressure would be needed the nest session…correct?

Maybe I’ll eventually reach the point that entering the tube will be a nice snug fit and I’ll be able to use only 1-2 ” pressure like RWG’s doing.

Time will tell I guess.
BTW, RWG 7.5” girth… that’s huge!


Hey RWG, question.

Do you take breaks during your 45 min - 1 hr sessions?
I didn’t mention this before but when I use to pump years ago, like you, I’d stay in the tube for 30 - 45 mins straight sometime and come out looking like Dukin Donut!

But man it would last forever seems like! What I wanted to say in the other post was, the longer I stay in the tube the fatter it gets, thus, the fatter it gets the lower the pressure needed over time, sound about right?

Maybe another way to get bigger gains.
Hope you get the idea… hard to explain here.


Hi Thunder.

Right now I’m using Cocoa Butter Cream. Why, do you think it’s something to do with the lube?



I guess 7.5 midshaft is pretty big… I’ve got over 7 natural at the base but midshaft is what I’m working on… I know my wife could take 8 if I went slow but when I hit my length goal that might be the end of my pe efforts with the exception of doing the minimum to keep it…


Not really… I go until I feel a slight burn (heat) I remove from the tube, get erect and go back in.. Opp’s, wife is bitching about me going to the store and getting an apple pie… Got to go.

speaking of pumps, what is a good one to get (specific brand).

and what do you recommend for size of tube to make sure you wont need a bigger one.


I got an LA Brass Pump with a kaplian tube… Cost me around $150.00… I had bought a cheap one from a local adult store a while ago that was worthless, a complete waste of money! I’m glad I gave it another try because quality makes all the difference in the world…

Perhaps avocet or another vet can chime in on the size of tube issue… I know I wanted one big enough to grow a little and yet not so big girthwise that I couldn’t get length pull… I pack my tube 2/3rds of the way up in about 15 minutes @ low pressure.. I know I would get better length if I packed as soon as I went into it but didn’t have enough money at the time to get two…

rwg, good shit man! Even with my limited pumping experience I have to agree wholleheartedly with your commandments.

I seriously wish I had money to invest in some heavy duty PE equipment, but alas, I have to rely on poor man’s improvised tools, which seem to *sorta* do the trick, sometimes, if I’m lucky, on a good day…. ;)

7.5 is truly massive. I’m not sure my gf could take that at all without some weeks of training at least. But still, I hope to get there legit one day :D

RWG, how does your wife react to that much girth? I assume that the time before pumping you nailed her, your mid-shaft wasn’t as large as 7.5”. Did you suprise her with the extra girth?

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

My preworkout girth @ midshaft is around 6.5, perhaps a little more… It is a very tight fit, especially if I do some oral prior to putting it in (seems to tighten up after about 15 mintues of eating :) After a 45 minute session my base girth is a tad over 8… I’ve heard some new groans… I’m sold on the cock ring deal, that really pushes girth up (thanks Stillwantmore22)…

She mentioned “it’s getting bigger” but only about three times and that was within three months or so of starting PE… One thing thats odd I’ve found out is that my non workout size is bigger girth wise at night then it is in the morning… The length is the same according to the ruler even though it seems shorter.. Girth is a different story for sure… I think my wife could take 8” midshaft girth as long as we were having sex often…

Several months ago my wife and I didn’t have sex for about 4 months (my choice).. On the night we did it that hurt her for sure… I couldn’t believe how tight she was… I guess if girls dont use it, it shrinks up a lot.. In about two weeks she could handle it fine without pain… The pump is great and all but I have not noticed any cemented gains with girth yet and I’m going on my third month… If I use the pump within 4 days or so the extra girth goes away and I’m back to where I normally am… I did find out that pumping at a very low pressure works best for me so I may be in for some gains in a month or so of doing that…

So, if you pump at low volume for an hour or so, the extra pump enhanced girth stays around for 4 days?! Did I understand you correctly?

Damn, if that’s so, when I switch from length only to girth only, maybe I should pump in the a.m. and then do my extreme uli’s with the thing throughout the day. Based on your experience, this would seem to give me “instant” additional girth while I work to make it permanent. Any thoughts on this?

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

Wow, I’m glad you posted regularwhiteguy. I have until just recently pumped at high pressure. My routine as a whole has improved so I have just started (about 1 week) pumping at 4 or 5hg. I like not getting all that fluid build up. I’d agree that high pressure is counter productive.


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