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I've figured it out... 7.5 midshaft girth!


I’ve been using your technique of low pressure pumping, 2 - 4 in HG, for 45 min to an hour. It really does work the way that you said it would. This evening, after pumping, I had sex with the wife with just over 7 inches of firm girth and and no donut. Thanks for the info!

Even though I am new I have found that over time.

I can gradually pump with more pressure and for longer periods with no fluid build up.
So, if I am getting no lymph build up, wouldn’t higher pressure be better in the long run?

* Also, I believe this whole discussion(the original topic) relates to the “inner penis” that the PE vets talk about in various forums. I believe the whole puffy lymph dick syndrome is just under the skin and not in your “inner penis” so it’s no indicator of gain, just that your penis is not used to whatever you just did and got inflamed. I have noticed that a lymph dick, although it looks bigger, the veins disappear even though I clamp afterwords, so you lymph is not in the inner penis, and hence no EL or EG gains, which is what really matters. The inner penis does not stretch super fast because of it’s physical characteristics, so it takes a slower stretch over time.

* It’s also harder to grab onto your inner penis for hanging and length gains so girth appears to be easier to get. The process is simply easier to execute.

* Also, there was much discussion about using cockrings during sex, which seems to be the equivalent of clamping during sex. So you are just using your sex as a free clamping session, which is why your girth is bigger after, you are stretching the penis from the inside out, which affects the inner penis. Personally, I would be a little afraid of getting my wife used to the cockring girth though and then my regular size will feel smaller.

* IMHO, The inner penis is what you want to affect more than anything. I know that’s obvious, but I think learning the distinction, and being able to recognize what is stretching is key. A lot of the PE Vets wisdom comments seem to relate to this topic and it has helped me see the reason why a lot of their comments are true.

Sorry for the long post.


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