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It cracked!! :'(

It cracked!! :'(

Damnit!! i was washing the smaller diameter tube from my Kaplan pump in pretty hot water, rinced it off in cold and “CCRRAACCKK” a huge bloody gash appeared in the side of it!

Man i study physics at uni - i should know better!

Anyway the thing is that i have always prefered the smaller diameter tube to the big f***er.

Do you guys think i should just use the big tube or buy myself a new thin one?

I’m gonna buy a smaller tube, because I’ve noticed a slight increase in girth. I want more girth, but at the moment I’d rather hold off on it. I’m going to go to Petsmart and purchase one of the tank cleaning tubes.

You can learn more about the kind of tube one can purchase at Petsmart (as well as how to make your own complete pump/tube system) by reading these threads: Made My Pump Today!! and Homemade Cylinder?

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