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It begins!

It begins!

So secjay has officially joined the ranks of the pumpers :D

The story goes, I had built myself a home made pump a few months back, but it didn’t work out. The inside diameter was too small, and overall it was poorly built. I couldn’t keep my nuts out of the tube without staying below a pressure where I felt nothing. Also, I got a bit of expansion, but I couldn’t go for very long before I packed the tube. Since I am aiming for girth, that’s no good. So I scrapped it and tried again.

This time round, I built a cock ‘n’ ball pump, so I wouldnt have to worry about my nuts getting sucked in, they would already be in there :)

I have a little bit of pumping experience behind me btw, with much simpler makeshift devices (such as a large glass jar, plenty of lube, and a tube that I would use to suck out the air/water, and then quickly yank it out, leaving my package in the jar :D

So far, with my new large device (inside diamter of around 4”) I have had 2 sessions. The first, I went for a few 5 minute sessions at a pressure where I felt a little stretch but not much. I didnt want to increase the pressure too much because I was nearing the discomfort level that I knew I shouldnt try to push.

I got some ball expansion, but no cock expansion that was noticeable. Also, my balls seemed to take on a patchy dark purplish colour every time I came out of the tube. I guess this is a bad thing, but I don’t know exactly the cause. Like I said, it was low pressure, there was nothing painful about it.

And today, on my second session, I did it in the bath. several 5 minute sessions and a few ten minute ones toward the end. The results? a bit more ball expansion than the previous night, but very little cock expansion.
This was after an hour or so in the pump! If I am not mistaken, these results suck a bit, right?

I think the problem is that my cock needs a much higher pressure than my balls can take (without pain)

I also tried holding my balls back with one hand (much easier when they were a bit larger!) and pumping just my penis. This allowed me to get alot higher pressure going, so that I actually felt a “warmness” that I have heard described as being a good sign. Still, not much expansion. A little skin bloat, similar to what I used to get when doing a uli session, but nothing unusual or extreme.

The trouble with such a large opening is that if I am pumping dick alone, it is not exactly ‘alone’. My pubic mound joins my dick in the tube and seems to get much more expansion than my dick :( It is not painful or anything, just seems a bit wasteful.

Also, I didn’t get any red marks from the pump. I did a few hard jelqs that prouced a few dots, but the pump did not damage me.

Looks like I might have to try again, maybe at a 2.75” or 3” internal diameter this time.

Either that, or does anyone think that the expansion will become easier/more as time goes on? Could it just be that my dick is not used to expanding and therefore didnt show much effect?

Any help/comments would be appreciated. Thanks guys!

Welcome to the wonderful and sometimes wacky world of pumping, secs. (You’ll fit right in! ;-)

I wonder about that homemade set-up of yours. Is the tube size not way too big for what you want?



Sorry for missing your reply up til now, Av. I have been busy :(

Hate to answer your question with a question, but “I don’t know, is it?”
My goal is purely and simply girth. Does the size of the cylinder have anything to do with the pressures or expansion?

I am going to retry again tonight, and I’ll let you know how I got on.
To re-ask a previous question, is the purplish colouration on my balls straight after coming out of the pump a good thing/bad thing/nuetral thing?? I am thinking this is an important thing to know!

Since your tube is so wide, secs, I was wondering if you are getting as much cock expansion as you might with a narrower one. Seems to me that a tube that does not allow ball entry and is sized more closely to your erect shaft size has a hell of a better chance of building girth or length or both.

I don’t think purple balls should be among your long-range goals so no, I’m not neutral about that. If you put too much pressure on all those wonderful little capillaries in your ball sac that continually re-oxyginate your testicle tissues, you’ll eventually break them down then your sperm production is going to change and you are waaay too young to have that happen.

Even ball pumpers don’t want purple balls.

Tell me. When are you going to bite the bullet and buy yourself a proper pump and tube outfit? Other Aussies have them so it can’t be that there’s some kind of a pump embargo on your nation.



*Buy* a pump?

That costs money, doesn’t it??
Are you CRAZY man???

I think your ideas are so crazy they just might work…. I have noticed that I am getting good at keeping my balls out of the pump. So maybe I should up (or down) grade to a smaller cylinder for the rod only.

I am working out a scheme to get some clear type of pipe in the meantime, while I save up for a real one :(

I am getting little to no expansion. No matter how long I stay in there, or what kinds of pressures I use. It’s very frustrating and I demand to see improvement >:| It sucks… :D

But seriously, I live with my mother, so I don’t think any kind of delivery etc would be possible… Unless they can disguise it for me :)


The lack of results that you are experiencing is directly related to the too large diameter size of your homemade cylinder. When I first experimented with pumping, I started out with a 2-stage cylinder ( 3 inch and 3.5 inch diameters) and experienced the same non results and effects that you are.

Thus, I dropped my ambitions down to a 1.75 inch cylinder and maxed out on the gains there. Then I subsequently purchased 2.00 inch and 2.50 inch diameter cylinders, which have been the mainstay of my pumping activities since then.

So as avocet8 suggested, you really need to use a smaller diameter cylinder or you’ll probably continue to experience the frustration of non-results from pumping. Good luck.


>*Buy* a pump?

That costs money, doesn’t it??
Are you CRAZY man???<

Aren’t you the same secs I talked to about buying a digital camera????

What’s more important, having a camera to take dick picks or having a huge dick to take pics of?

You down-unders must get nuts in the winter.

Listen to peforeal. He’s so thick that his wife is beginning to wonder what’s coming next.

Welcome back, peforeal. Lots posted since you took off. Help me deal with these underlings. They are very wacko, though loveable.



Originally posted by avocet8
Help me deal with these underlings. They are very wacko, though loveable.

awwwww…. i’nt that nice…. :) I am a whacko underling :D

I will take the advice of you two legends and go out and get myself a propersized cylinder. The big one broke anyway! LOL

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