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Isn't it better to be semi not hard?

Isn't it better to be semi not hard?

I don’t feel i get a really good pump when im too hard in the tube. Kindov like jelqing, you don’t do it 100% hard, like 70-80%. Dosen’t this same rule apply for pumping?

How hard is your erection when you pump? what hardness do you reccommend?


I go into the tube as rock hard as possible. I feel like I get less lymphatic fluid build up. I also try to stay as hard as possible while in the tube.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Hard is the way to go.

I sort of agree with all three of you guys. If I start off less than about 50% erect, the vacuum needs to be stronger than usual to make my dick start packing the cylinder, which is a no-brainer, I guess. Going in too soft can cause red spots or bruising if you’re not careful, due to the extra vacuum required. But if I’m at least two-thirds erect, I’m packing it well enough in no time applying my usual amount of suction, with minimal adverse effects.

I don’t pump much, but doesn’t anything less than fully erect potentially allow too much scrotum skin to sneak into the cylinder? I hate that.

…ahhh yes…the delicious feeling of having one’s nads ripped away from one’s tender flesh by hard vacuum is truly a Braveheart moment beyond compare. I like it almost as much as juggling chainsaws.

Definitely hard is the way to go.

It's better to think you're doing something than to sit back and wonder what might have been Start: 12/2003 EBPL: 7 15/16 EG: 5 1/4 Now: 12/2004 EBPL: 8 1/2 EG: 5 5/8 (pumped is 5 7/8 mid, 6.25 base) FL: 6.25

actually, I kind of dig it…

although my neighbours must be wondering why they hear me yelling “FREEDOM!!” all the time…



"...this may hurt a little but it's something you'll get used to..."

- Maynard James Keenan

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