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is this normal???

is this normal???

I have been pumping for 3 weeks now. after each time I pump I go soft. I have read were some guy are able to stay hard after each session. I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or if this is normal… I have read and am following avocet8’s pumping101 thread. and I have been wrapping under my glads to prevent getting a donut.

I have also noticed that my foreskin has enlarged.

I pump no more the 5in. of pressure.

I am sure you will need more info, but I will answer that when you ask.


I come out soft and plump when the pressure is released. Anyway, the pumping experts should be here and respond soon. :)

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Originally Posted by b-7974
after each time I pump I go soft. I have read were some guy are able to stay hard after each session. I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or if this is normal…

I had to stop pumping due to my crazy schedule and only have about 5 weeks of experience. So, for what it is worth:

My experience is much the same. My understanding is that you should end every pumping session with some jelqing and massage it up to a full woody at the end. While some guys may stay hard coming out of the tube I expect that the vacume induced hard on would naturally become soft when removed from the vacume. I found that while it became soft almost immediatly uppon leaving the tube I could massage it hard again almost as quickly.

You certainly need to hear the opinion of those more experienced than I but I expect that you are doing fine.

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Do some kegels while in the pump. I watch porn and go into the tube hard and kegel every few seconds. I keep a 100% erection while the vacuum is applied. After I release the pressure, I am still hard but then let it go soft to do a little jelqing. I use only 2-3, (sometimes 4 for my third set) Hg. By kegeling your increasing the pressure in you dick with you own muscles by forcing more blood in. You can achieve greater net pressure on your dick, and minimize the effects of high pressure (donut, blisters.) When I kegel I can see the head expanding and contracting.

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thank you all for your thoughts.

non- I will try the keggels inside the tube. not that staying hard is that inportant, I was just trying to find out if what I was evpirencing was normal.


From my pumping experience I find that I will come out hard for sessions no longer than about 5 minutes

Otherwise I will always come out soft

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I second that. High pressure and long amonts of time, you will come out soft.

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Your Normal..

thanks guys. this makes me feel better…


Originally Posted by eddh9
Your Normal..

I wouldn’t go that far! :p

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

thanks…ha ha ha


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