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Is the jury out on electric pumping?

Is the jury out on electric pumping?

Are they more effective and comfortable to use?

The best two models I know about are: CTC XL-3000 (on and the “Ultimate Electric System” on

The CTC has got the advantage that it has a pulsating action on your dick, i.e. it builds pressure up, then releases it and so on, automatically. This way bruising from pumping and holding the penis pumped for too long should be avoided.

There has already been the following thread on Thunder’s about the CTC pump: Results with a CTC-pump?

But it adresses the satisfaction of users with this pump and not the general opinion about electric pumping. So this discussion here has for goal to collect the opinions of many the vet-pumpers on Thunder’s and to respond to the eternal question: Is electric pumping the future of pumping, concerning PE?

A lot of guys that use the electrics swear by them and some swear at them ( Mostly guys that have to use voltage converters).

The pulsating action is nothing more then the piston going up and down in the vacuum pump. You can achieve a similar result by milking a manual tube and also by kegeling while pumping.

Some other electric disadvantages are they are bulky, noisy, tend to leak oil and cost a lot. I have also read about difficulty achieving and maintaining proper pressures. I see you live in Germany, so the voltage converter problem should be a main concern to you and I recommend you search out several threads that discuss this problem in great detail.

Thanks gprent101. You are the one who invented this special girth technique ;-), unfortunately I can’t do it properly because I am uncut.

Concerning pumping:
I just checked this problem directly with Chris from CTC: The Euro Version of the XL-3000, which is built for 220V, is out now. So that ain’t an issue anymore ;-).

I haven’t done any pumping yet and wonder if I should buy a manual pump with gauge for around 150$ or just go for the electric one for around 400-500$. If one day I needed the electric one in any case, I would prefer to have saved my money for the manual one in the first place.

What are other’s opinions?

I am a pumping newbie, but other than for a pumping sensation an electric pump seems like overkill.
The recommended pressures here aren’t much… Only a few squeezes with a Mityvac. I even overdid it years ago with those cheapo bulb pump units.

Can you get a brake bleeder?? Mityvac, nice guage, and emergency release, and only $30-40!

I’d always have a little fear that the electric guage would bust and try to suck out my dick :eek:

The only bad thing about the Electric pump (CTC XL3000) you have to maintain an erection if you want to pump at a lower pressure (around 5), Other than that it’s great.

I have been using a Kaplan electric for 2 months and bought a Lapdist manual as a backup. The selling point they use is the constant pressure. Not knowing any better I bought the electric first. I used the manual for the last 2 sessions and im hooked. The electric is noisy, just like a little air compressor. Annoying to say the least. The manual I set a 6” and there it stayed for all the 15 minute sessions. Go with manual is the moral of my story. :)

All information here is from my cow Bessy. The opinions and posts are hers and not mine. I just do the typing for her because we all know cows cant type. Fieldmouse :iws:

I have to say that I use the electric pump & love it. I used manual for a long time & finally took the plunge & got the electric & wouldn’t go back. I drilled a hole in my tube & put my thumb over it as I pump & then let it go to get the “suck & release” I want. If I want to keep it on I just put a piece of tape over the hole. The thing I love is I can put it on, pump up, milk for a little while & let go of the pressure all without the constant pumping & pumping & pumping like with the manual one. I put a pressure relief valve on it & can set it between 4-6”hg so no matter how long I keep my thumb on the hole it won’t go higher than 6”, unless I change the pressure relief valve. Plus it doubles as an air compressor so if anyone sees it in my shop it’s an air compressor, unless I left the cylinder hanging from it…lol. I do agree with the noisy comments though. Even though mine is super quite, you can still hear it throughout the house. If you’re in a household where you have to keep it quite, don’t go electric…imo


Too funny. We are the exact opposite. I hate my electric now. :)

All information here is from my cow Bessy. The opinions and posts are hers and not mine. I just do the typing for her because we all know cows cant type. Fieldmouse :iws:

Thunders Group,

Yes The Euro XL-3000 is out and has solved alot of problems for the overseas pumpers. It comes with a 220 volt motor so no need for a converter. And unlike all the others it is hands free pulsation and runs at a way slower speed 50 RPM and that is the key to our systems.

Chris @ C.T.C.

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