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Is the increased girth "useable"?

Is the increased girth "useable"?

Ok so pumping gets you a bit more girth temporarily, is it workable so that you could… *ahem* use it? Seems it’d be quite interesting to see a surprised look on my gf’s face when she realizes i’m bigger than normal - even if it’ll wear off in an hour or a few…

I’m looking to do it long term, but it seems like this is a great short term effect?

Real expansion is real expansion - a bigger dick. Fluid bloat on top of it probably won’t do much because it isn’t firm. Low vacuum and short sets minimize the fluid.

Be careful though, you might spoil her (and you) with the extra temporary size. ;)

nigret, greetings:

I should think, yes, the extra girth certainly is “useable”. Remember that pumping is sometimes recommended for guys with erection problems — in their case, the pumped-up erection might well be the only useable one. Have fun; surprise your gf.


The whole point of pumping for me is not just short term thickness increase but longterm girth increase, flaccid and erect. Pumping has accomplished this for me after months/years of effort along with other valuable PE routines.

Pumping can be a great immediate visual motivator, but it can also lead some guys to feeling disappointed when the short term pumped size wears away. Just keep in mind, that pumping should be viewed as a longterm use technique which can work synergistically with all of the other techniques for some incredible permanent results.

I started with a 1.75” diameter cylinder and 4.75-5.00” erect non-pumped base girth. Today, I use a 2.50” diameter cylinder and have 6.75-7.00” non-pumped base girth. Did this happen overnight? NO. What would I consider the most important success influence? PUMPING.

Best to you,


peforeal, greetings:

Those are very impressive girth gains. Can you please provide a little more information on “months/years”? How long and how often do you pump? It would be a morale booster for a slow gainer like me to learn a little more about the value of patience and persistence. Thanks.

I agree with Hobby. You wouldn’t want to go back to pot after you’ve had some good crack. :D

Impress her with permanent gains.

lol thanks for the replies guys…

I want to pump because I bought the la pump about a year and a half ago, but then quickly realized my first time, that while my girth is 4.5, my head is more like 5+ and it was uncomfortable trying to squeeze my head in that dry cylinder (even with ky). Sow now I bought a 1.75” tube which should be enough for a while hopefully.

Pumping is easier than I found jelquing to be. Also the increase insize right afterwards is a great psycho boost for me since i get instant results. I think it will be good for helping me get back into the groove. I was jelquing every night for a month for a while (save for the 2 breaks a week), and didn’t get any results and got disenhearted even though i got a great .5” length gain from starting to jelq/stretch putting me at 6.5… On nights where it’s been a while i can hit my gf’s cervix which is probably about 6.6-6.7 deep, but i’d really like girth and I think pumping can bring some pizzazz back as we already have toys but she prefers me. She wouldn’t mind me pumping before going at it if she thinks it makes me feel better which it would - plus after a year or so of doing it, I’d hope to have some permanent increases :)

Waiting on my tube shipment now :)

Originally posted by Redlight
peforeal, greetings:
Those are very impressive girth gains. Can you please provide a little more information on “months/years”? How long and how often do you pump? It would be a morale booster for a slow gainer like me to learn a little more about the value of patience and persistence. Thanks.


I’ve been pumping for about 3 years, with the last 2 years or so being fairly consistent. My current pumping routine is to pump my dick about 3-4 times per week anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes with frequent breaks. I also pump my ballsac about 1-2 times per week, depending on whether or not I feel it’s hanging loose/long enough and needs to be stretched out. No magic here and nothing particularly fanatical. It’s just persistence, patience and using responsible pumping techniques supplemented by other traditional PE exercises (dryjelqing,some stretching, ADS shaft wrapping).


peforeal, greetings:

Thanks for the reply. I like the idea of finding an attitude and routine between the magical (as in the phoney advertising that promises huge gains in a hurry) and the fanatical (pe driven to the kind of excess that causes injury). I haven’t yet found your kind of effective and productive balance, and I appreciate learning about the things that have worked for you. Sometimes I am concerned about the opinion that too much exercise prevents gains (this idea comes up on various sites and in various contexts). Of course there has been a lot of debate about this, but I’m not sure how such a thing could be proved, short of a controlled study. For the moment, I am going along with Bigger’s idea that you should take a rest when you need it. That plus persistence and patience….

Hi dont post much but started pumping along with light hanging,squeezes

about 4 months and get a consistant 1/4” to 1/2 base girth increase

naturaly 8 x5 1/2 but when pumping consistanty several times a day

I have measured 6” during sex and not afer pumping.

but havent been to consistant and still lately and still go 5 3/4 base.

a quick 1/2 inch girth gain isnt always a good thing and is a little painfull

Ive always been to long for my wife and combined with to fat isnt

always good

sorry for my poor writing skills


First of all welcome on board and thanks for the first post on your progress and status. You also bring up a good point about having a size that is compatible with your wife. We all want the biggest dick possible, but if it causes discomfort for your partner, we may have to reconsider how much is too much.


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