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Is pumping for me

Is pumping for me

Just finish a session of jelqing and pumping and even after an hour or so I’m
still about 5.5 X 5.5 flaccid which looks great on my 5 7’ frame. Problem is
it eventually goes back to 4.5 X 4.5 and about 7x5 erect. Nothing gives me the same pumped look after a WO even though I sometime do get alittle donut, which goes away after a couple hours, as pumping. Since this type of WO gives me the best pump is it safe to say it’s the best WO for me because I don’t want to be spinning my wheels. I question this because I body build and I know to stick to the exercises that gives me the best pump so I’m trying to apply this to my PE. Will this eventually concrete? My Wo goes something like this (3-5 days a week)

100 jelq
5-7 pump (I go by feel and look below the
\ head to make sure not too much fluid build up.
100 jelq
5-7 pump
100 jelq
5-7 pump
100 jelq

Some 30 second squee

If you stick to a sensible PE routine, keep at it regularly, odds are that you will get gains on your penis; you must have got some gains in your bodybuilding or you’d have quit it, yes?

If those are minutes (“5 - 7 pump”) you are on a good route, not that seasoned guys cannot do longer if they like and if the results are good. What you are doing is a mini-repeat of a normal nocturnal erection cycle. The jelking is much like I did and which gave me good results. From what I’ve read here and from my own experience, jelking and pumping go very well together so long as you don’t overdo one or the other. PE is not a race.



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