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Is it ok to pump with a curve?

Is it ok to pump with a curve?

I’ve been interested and reading up on the pumping forum and am considering getting a pump however, before I do so, I have not found any articles regarding men who have pumped but have a slight curve to their penis.

Mine curves upward slight when erect. and a little to the right when flaccid. so when erect it points more to the right than straight. I dont experience any pain but I was wondering if its a good idea to pump.



You really shouldn’t have a problem pumping with a slight bend, in fact, if I’m not mistaken, a pump combined with a slow 3-5 second dry jelq routine could actually help you to straighten the curve. When doing your dry jelqs do them so that you are applying more pressure to cc that is the shortest, or the inside of the bend,and at the same time jelq against the bend. Over time this should help the length of the cc’s to even out to eliminate the curve. For the upward curve jelq downwards towards the floor and bend your dick in the opposite direction of the curve.

The few times I have pumped it seems to make me curve to the left afterwards, and since I don’t want this I don’t pump much. Does anyone else have this problem..


Hold the tube in a comfortable position relative to your normal erection angle, not tilted in another direction.


Pumping is often recommended to correct a curve. Takes a long time - many months, but it can be a help if the cylinder is not too wide for your own girth.



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