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is cylinder size really important?

is cylinder size really important?

my size is 16x14 cm i am using air pump but i have 2 cylinder one is 20 cm and 6 cm diameter another 18 cm and 6 cm diameter. i read cprent s cylinder size thread and he says 2-3 inch bigger then your bpel but i cant fill %100 both my two cylinder. why cylinder size is important despite of i cant fill %100 both?

Get a cylinder two inches longer than your goal. Diameter is important. Measure accurately.

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Yep sure is. I got mine just a little too big. Girth is a important measurement. Don’t get one too big. I would say maybe a half inch bigger not much more.

I believe the key is in finding a cylinder that doesn’t suck into much of the scrotal sac but allows for decent girth expansion. You’ll need to remember that it was you grow, you will need to buy additional tubes. One single tube, if you’re pumping correctly, won’t last your full PE “career.”

Depending on your frequency of pumping, your technique, and your propensity for gains, you could easily be purchasing a larger cylinder at a rate of one per year. as the others have mentioned, make sure you measure accurately to get a good start.

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