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Is a Two-inch Diameter Cylinder Enough for a Six-inch Girth?

Is a Two-inch Diameter Cylinder Enough for a Six-inch Girth?

I’ve got a 2” diameter (6” circumference) cylinder, and I’m wondering if it’s enough for a 6” girth.

Will I need to expand beyond 6” girth in the tube to have a six-inch girth once the pressure is released?

I think a 2” diameter is around 6.125 in girth max. I would get the next size up for girth work and keep the 2” for length.

A 2” cylinder will take you to at least 6.25” girth and even larger once you start packing it. It is probably the perfect cylinder to get you started, especially since you already own it. Once you start packing it easily and consistently, you can purchase a 2.25” cylinder. You should be able to get a lot of use out of that 2” for now.

Thanks for responding.

I’m not really planning on getting any larger than 6” girth, so I guess if my current cylinder will take me to 6.25” it should be all I need (for both length and girth).

Mr. Fantastic,my girth is just a hair under yours at 5-7/8”.I have a two inch cylinder and find it quite accommodating.I almost wish I had bought an 1-3/4”cylinder as I’m working for length.You should be fine with the 2 inch cylinder for now.

My dick is uneven in girth varying from 6 1/8” to <6 1/2”. I have the 2” cylinder and it works great for me. Wen I only pack it when I pump for long repeated sessions (2+ sets of 15 min.). I think that a 2.25” cylinder would cause me trouble to get a good sceal at the base and my scrotum would tend to get sucked in even more than it does right now. Stick with the 2”

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