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Inflation Bulb for Kaplan tube

Inflation Bulb for Kaplan tube

I have a Kaplan pump for which the pump itself has ceased to function, I was thinking I would just a cheapo inflation bulb since I can probably judge pressure by feel by now. I either need to fit it right at the end of the pump onto the male end OR I need one that has a male end of its own to go into the end of the plastic tube.

Will a bulb like you can get for $5 off Amazon work? I see that they have a metal valve in the end, if you take that out should it then work to connect to the male Kaplan connector, a good seal?

I use it in the shower nearly exclusively, and what I didn’t want to admit but now must, was that first I ruined the Kaplan pump in the shower THEN I ruined one of those harbor freight pumps in the shower, so I figured a bulb would be better than burning cash on gauged pumps.

Aah, and here I was going to encourage you to head out to AutoZone.

Probably not a bad little workaround— let us know what happens if you’re willing to take one for the team.

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Yea, I got the previous one at Autozone, it was more than $25…

But will one of these bulbs actually work with just what you can order off Amazon, or do I need to get one with a connector?

If you aren’t sensitive to pressure, you could probably work with it and it should do a good job.

IF you are sensitive to small variances, then try again, but keep the pump out of the shower. Pump it to the desired vacuum, disconnect the hose (it should hold the vacuum) THEN get in the shower.

For that matter, you wouldn’t even need a bulb, draw vacuum by mouth on the hose, disconnect, voila’ simple and effective.

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